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Sacred Games 2 has finally surfaced on Netflix. And, we are quite sure that many of you might have watched it at midnight itself. Although season 1 was a blockbuster, the season 2 dialogues and memes have already started storming the internet.

And no doubt, Sacred Games 2 had many striking dialogues that would hit us hard! So here is a list of our favourite dialogues:


Guruji's Dialogue from Sacred Games 2

Khanna Guruji’s ultimate gyaan is worth reading! You should definitely not miss this.


Ganesh Gaitonde

Nothing is impossible. Especially, for Gaitonde it’s a piece of cake!


Pankaj Tripathi in Sacred Games 2

According to Guruji, sacrifice is the key to all jammed doors. So, if you are stuck, “Balidaan Dena Hoga”.


Guruji Sacred Games

Tamas is a Sanskrit word, which means quality and is a sum of three Gunas(qualities). This dialogue shows that Guruji has the instinct to judge the inner qualities of a person.


Bunty's dialogue from Sacred Games 2

No doubt, Bunty amazed us with some badass dialogues in Sacred Games 2. This dialogue points to a girl whom he compares indirectly with a kite that is flown on Makar Sakranti.


Bunty Sacred Games

“What happened to Bunty’s umbrella?”, this question has been doing rounds on the internet before the release of Sacred Games 2. Well, now we know the answer!


Gaitonde's Dialogue from Sacred Games 2

In the previous season too, we saw many great dialogues during the clash between Gaitonde and Sartaj. In Sacred Games 2, Gaitonde forewarns Sartaj Singh, that his life is gonna become hell.


Ganesh Gaitonde

The word “chakri” means “to serve”. Gaitonde makes himself very clear that he is the king and he is not meant to serve anyone.


Aham Brahmasmi- Guruji in Sacred Games 2

Looks like you have been waiting for this one in our list because we can already see many posts for this one storming the internet. So “Aham Bhramasmi” means “I am Brahman”. Or more specifically here it means “I am God”. Khanna Guruji thinks himself as God.


Ganesh Gaitonde in Sacred Games 2

One of the boldest and intense dialogues from Sacred Games 2. And this shows Gaitonde is lit!

Which one was your favourite moment from Sacred Games? Tell us in the comments below.

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