(Last Updated On: 25 December, 2019)

With online streaming platforms gaining a lot of popularity, people have started binge-watching web series and movies pretty often. Regional languages also have a good amount of content in their web series and movies. Therefore, here is a list of 15 amazing Marathi web series.

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Source: Youtube

Marathi web series Shala is based on the life of school children as they get through life and its million twists and turns. It is easily available on Youtube.

2. ALMOST प्रेम UP

Available on Youtube, this web series is set in heartland Maharashtra. Almost Prem Up is basically about a couple who are well into their relationship and are on the brink of familial tensions.

3. Bhadkhau

This Marathi web series is about Santya who is excited about his honeymoon. He receives an envelope as a wedding gift which had a ₹500 currency note, which had BHADKHAU written on it. Santya’s honeymoon gets postponed because of this incident. He gets paranoid and starts searching for the culprit.


Kaale Dhande is about Vicky, a young photographer, whose life turns upside down due to various unforeseen situations. This web series is available on Zee5.


Streaming on MX Player, Pandu is a comedic take on the day-to-day life of a cop.

6. Once A Year

Source : Youtube 

Well, This Marathi web series is about a Couple , Ravi and Anjali who are married to each other. Now, Ravi is always busy with his work which makes Anjali alone and her expectations from him leads them to drift apart from each other. But there is more to it as their past life starts falling back to them which ends up revealing some real issues behind it. It is available on MX Player.

7. Boomerang

Source : Youtube 

This marathi webseries has created a lot of buzz and has been quite popular. It is a Horror webseries and stars well known Marathi webseries. Boomerang is directed by Krunal Rane and is produced by Shrikant Wadhokar. It stars Omkar Borkar, Siddhesh Nagvekar, Shubham Desai, Milind Jadhav, Anant Shinde, Rajendra Khedkar, Pooja Chandekar, Rakshanda Randive and Seema Kulkarni.

8. Aani Kay Hava

Source: Youtube

This is a slice of life marathi web series that is based on a life of a couple Saket and Jui and are newly married couple who are really happy with each other and the series is about their daily family issues that they have with each other.

9. Chakri

Source : Youtube

This webseries is available on Youtube . Chakri is directed by Karan Chorge. Even more it is produced by the Hrduyat Marathi and it has 5 short episodes that last for 12 to 15 mins.

10. Bang Bang

Source : Youtube

Bang Bang is a recent release and is direct by Krunal Rane. It is an Adult Comedy. It revolve around three boys who are on a quest to have fun.


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