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Marvel finally confirmed the sequel of Doctor Strange and fans are overjoyed. What’s more interesting is the arrival of Scarlet Witch in the upcoming movie Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. Fans have proposed numerous theories about what would be her role in the movie. Some say she’ll be the villain while some propose that she’ll be Stephen’s apprentice. We have chosen the top 10 theories about the role of Scarlet Witch in Doctor strange 2. Read along and choose your favourite to look forward to!

10. Wanda will officially be named Scarlet Witch


The Hydra scientists that created Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver called them “the twins” and the Avengers also call them by their real names. Scarlet Witch, unfortunately, has never been officially named in any of the movies yet. We have also seen how serious Stephen gets with names and how those dialogues form a significant part of the movies. So, many fans are of the opinion that may be in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness Wanda will officially be named as Scarlet Witch.

9. Stephen brings back Quicksilver

We all witnessed the heroic death of Wanda’s brother in the Age of Ultron movie, it was a heartfelt moment. We know that he was destined to die but we also know from the comics that no one actually dies in MCU. So, it’s a proposed theory that Quicksilver may make a comeback in the next Doctor Strange movie. Maybe they accidentally enter a different reality or timeline where he’s still alive and he comes back from there. Or maybe Wanda saves Stephen’s life and he’s so grateful that he decides to do her a favour and brings her brother back. The chances of this actually happening are less but Aaron’s fans are really hoping on it.

8. Wanda becomes Stephen’s apprentice

Wanda has been important of the MCU for many years now but still, it seems that she has limited control on her powers. First, what the Hydra scientists did to her and then her brother’s death, due to all these reasons it has been difficult for her to control her emotions. Somehow, that significantly affects her powers too. Since Wanda is still a novice and Stephen is a master of Mystic Arts, it’s likely that she comes to him for help. He also has excellent training from the Ancient One and maybe he’ll pass on some of the knowledge to her.

7. She’ll battle against Chthon

For those who don’t know him from the comics, Chthon is one of the Elder Gods who created Earth billion years ago. He gained immense knowledge in his life but mostly about things which shouldn’t be and was the first master of black magic on Earth. This means there’s a chance of his introduction in the next Doctor Strange movie. Since Doctor Strange only masters dimensional magic, he may need a partner and who better than a master sorceress. It’s very likely that if Chthon makes an entrance in the marvel universe then Scarlet witch may accompany him in the battle.

6. Scarlet Witch masters Mystic Arts

It was very prominent in the battle scene from Avenger: Endgame that there is an abundance of Masters of Mystic Arts in the world. But it is also true that none of them is powerful enough to face greater enemies alone. Only Doctor Stephen Strange stands out as really powerful because of the Time Stone. Maybe a really powerful enemy arrives in Multiverse of Madness and none of the masters is able to handle the enemy alone. Then maybe the whole army of magic masters converge and fight the battle together. It’s also possible that Wanda starts practising Mystic Arts as well to help them off.

5. It’s just to make way for her own movie

Scarlet Witch is an interesting character from the marvel universe and we may definitely love to see Wanda get her own movie. As Marvel is on the path of making women-focused movies, like Black Widow, it is likely they may even attempt this. Hence, many fans propose the theory that Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness is just a stepping stone for Scarlet Witch to her own movie. This is certainly possible after her exclusive Disney+ series.

4. Wanda’s role resembles Natasha’s role in the Winter Soldier movie

Captain America: The winter soldier not only starred Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan but it also had a significant role for Scarlett Johansson. The way the movie transitioned around all three of the characters, it was really hard to point out the lead. Many people believe that Scarlet Witch’s role in Doctor Strange will be similar to that of Black Widow’s in the Winter Soldier movie. Although everyone wants her to be more of a sidekick to Dr Strange rather than having such a significant role.

3. Mordo will go after Wanda as his target

Doctor Strange ended with a post credit scene showing Karl Mordo going off the rails and destroying other master’s powers. He believes that there are “too many sorcerers” in the world. It is assumed that Mordo then leaves for a power snatching spree from the sorcerers around the world. Basically its a witch hunt and what better target would you find than a powerful witch who alternates realities? It’s a popular theory that Wanda will be Mordo’s first target on his witch hunt and that’s how she enters the Doctor Strange 2 story.

2. Scarlet Witch causes the Multiverse Madness

We are already aware that Scarlet Witch’s powers include “manipulating realities” and that she still hasn’t learnt to control them completely. Many forecasts predict that after Vision’s death as per Avengers: Endgame Wanda will have problems coming to terms with her reality. It is possible that she tries to bring Vision back and messes up other realities, hence causing the Multiverse Madness.

1. Start of “House of M” storyline

The ‘house of M’ storyline is basically where the X-men universe joins the MCU. Scarlet Witch loses her children and tries to bring them back with her powers. In the desperation of doing so, she messes up other realities and the X-men universe merges with the MCU. If this happens then Doctor Strange: Multiverse of MAdness can be a stepping stone towards a big move that leads to the house of M storyline. It’ll be the next big Avengers movie after Infinity War and Endgame.

Please tell us in the comments which theory you think is most likely to happen and which you want to see happening?

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