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Telugu cinema is the most popular regional cinema watched by aficionados throughout the country. From the critically acclaimed Mahanati (2018) to the magnum opus Bahubali (2015), Tollywood is blessed with the most innovative minds known for creating quality content. Telugu web series aren’t lagging behind either. The content they create deserves a lot more recognition than they receive. Hence, curating a list of ten such remarkable Telugu web-series for you to binge:

1. Muddapappu Avakai (2016)

Release Date: 15th January 2016
No. of episodes: 5
Telugu web series mudapappu avakai
Digital poster of Mudapappu Avakai

Muddapappu Avakai is the first-ever Telugu web series streamed online. This romantic comedy stars Abhi Pratap, Niharika Konidela and Varsha Sirisha in the leads. Asha and Arjun, a complete contrast to each other. While the latter is a shy and naive office goer, the former is a chirpy and fun-loving girl. They are pushed into being each other’s suitors by their families. Thus, the series highlights their journey towards becoming an ideal match.

The series is available on Zee5.

2. Nenu Mee Kalyan (2017)

Release Date: 6 April 2017
No. of episodes: 5

Source: YouTube

This romantic drama by Chai Bisket stars Vishwant Duddumpudi, Shalini Vadnikatti, Sandhya Janak and Alekya Shetty. It revolves around a guy contented with his life yet craving for a soulmate. He finally meets the woman of his dream at the radio station he works for. The story further progresses with the leaps and bounds within their love story.

All the episodes of this series are available on YouTube.

3. Social (2017)

Release Date: 8 September 2017
No. of episodes: 13

Source: YouTube

This is India’s first bilingual series that stars Rana Daggubati in the lead. The story deals with cybercrime and focusses on an agency set on its mission to safeguard the victims from getting exploited online. The agency also helps a guy trace his sister who has gone missing owing to similar threats.

The episodes of these series are available both in Telugu and Hindi language on the Viu app.

4. PillA (2017)

Release Date: 29 March 2017
No. of episodes: 9

Source: YouTube

Dhanya Balakrishna and Anirudh Thotapalli feature in this thriller mini-series. The plot focusses on a girl who’s life is ruined by a psychopath. The mentally-challenged doctor takes advantage of the girl to feed his destructive interests. It takes a turn when the girl encounters the fact that she cannot remember the incidents pertaining to a specific night.

All the episodes of PillA are available on the Viu App.

5. Geeta Subramanyam (2017)

Release Date: 10 March 2017
No. of episodes: 16

Source: YouTube

Manoj Krishna Tanneru and Darshini Sekhar play a young and practical couple in this runaway success of 2017. The movie is a modern-day approach to live-in relationships and depicts the equal responsibilities of a man and a woman committed to each other.

Noted as one of the most-watched Telugu web series, the episodes of Geeta Subramanyam are available on YouTube.

6. The Break-Up Consultant (2017)

Release Date: 14 July 2017
No. of episodes: 10

Source: YouTube

The comedy show features a consultant who solves modern-day relationship woes, mostly suggesting a break as a potential suggestion. A total of ten episodes, his series managed to gather enough popularity among the youth. Netizens flooded social media with numerous memes inspired by the series. Due to such craze, the makers have expressed their desire of coming back with the second season of the show.

You can watch this series on YouTube.

7. Pelli Gola Season 1 (2017)

Release Date: 29 March 2017
No. of episodes: 11

Source: YouTube

Another top-rated romantic Telugu mini-series. It stars Abhishek Duddala and Varshini Sounderajan in the lead. Pelli Gola revolves around a couple forced to tie the knot by their families while they initially had different plans for themselves. Will the couple maintain their conjugal bond? How things evolve after the wedlock?

Find out on the Viu App.

8. Mana Mugguri Love Story (2017)

Release Date: 8 November 2017
No. of episodes: 18

Source: YouTube

This series stars Navdeep, Adith, Tejaswi Madivada and Hemanth in the lead. The show talks about a girl, pampered since childhood, who travels to a different city. There, she works in an ad agency and starts falling for not one but two of her colleagues. The way she handles her impulsive thoughts and chooses the man of her dreams is to watch out for.  Furthermore, Vijay Deverakonda, the Telugu actor known for Arjun Reddy, has a brief cameo in the second episode of this show.

The episodes of this original series are available on YuppTV.

9. 703 (2017)

Release Date: 29 June 2017
No. of episodes: 5

Source: YouTube

This Telugu thriller is created by Chai Bisket. The plot revolves around a writer, Surya whose fictional story bears an unusual resemblance to the actual death of a woman named Nakshatra. Anupam Teja Dandey has directed this series that features Manoj Krishna Tanneru, Monika Thangalapalli, and Rajashekar Aningi.

Both YuppTV and YouTube stream all the episodes of this show.

10. Posh Poris (2016)

Release Date: 12 October 2016
No. of episodes: 10

Source: YouTube

Lastly, we have this comic of age drama by Aparna Malladi talking about the modern and independent lives of young girls. Aditi Myakal, Harika Vedula, and Sahaja Chowdary play the bold female protagonists of the show.  Furthermore, the focus is laid down on the way these women deal with various problems all by themselves. The series has been quite popular among the youth.

All the ten episodes of this series are available on YouTube and MXPlayer.



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