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Remember watching Indian TV Serials with your mom and that intimate or erotic scene that was too hard to miss out but left little imagination of the actual intimacy. Well, Going from hawww to Ohhhhh , we have seen it all. Bollywood indeed somehow added the erotic quotient but the TV Arena is still on a slow and steady pace and that’s how to the curious mind of the Indian viewers lead them to the digital space which is a gateway to every pleasure.

And without further ado, we’ll list down 5 erotic shows for you that are worth the binge.


The name says it all. The show follows an anthological format where every episode follows a new story arc, new characters and a new fantasy. The show delves in to explore and live in the moment where the desires are in paramount form. With each episode, the leap equalizes the sexual tension and their deepest desires that are clawed in.

Voot’s erotic web series F se Fantasy brings out the cast that no one called for and yet it has captivated the minds of the viewers with the presentation of sexual content. The series consist of 9 episodes and has Karan Wahi, Manjari Fadnavis and Bidita Bag.


Ragini MMS franchise is a perfect combination of horror and erotic genre mixed up and served hot with characters oompahing with the sexual content portrayed perfectly. The story follows with the protangist entering into a college which has its own scares and secrets that will lead her to the journey of horror and erotic fantasy of all time.

ALTBALAJI’s Ragini MMS is definitely a horror erotic thrill ride and with cast ensembled like Karishma Sharma and Siddharth Gupta, who actually created the right atmosphere with each passing episode.


With a name like that and the spill of sexual and sensuous content on par, its definitely one of the best erotic thriller web series where everyone is conspiring against each other. The series follows a thriller format where a very successful business tycoon gets caught up in a glitzy affair with a supermodel amidst his wife’s murder and the ticking starts off with blaming who’s the real killer behind this mayhem.

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, who always had a knack for sexually oriented thriller storylines definitely presented us a masterpiece. Twisted showcased the perfect casting with Nia Sharma, Namit Khanna and Tia Bajpai. The series has 2 seasons and is available on Youtube.


With the giggles and hushing, this shows leaps on to be one of the bold-estttm show on a digital platform where nothing is spared and everything is bared. And what’s more shocking and liberating is that everything is been forespoken with the women perspective who are representing the rural area of our country. Their closeted desires, their complex feelings and not to forget the weird myths that are related to sex.

ALTBALAJI is definitely is on a threshold where they are pulling off every ounce of sexual content and bridging the gap of the urban and rural relationships and presenting it with erotica. Gandi Baat follows the anthological format with each episode exploring the erotic rural relationships with its on twists and turns. This series has 3 seasons.


Source: Youtube

What if your dreams turn into a reality, won’t it be good? Turns out this was not the case with Kiaan, a young erotic novelist whose novel becomes a hit and masses the recognition he always dreamt of. But things starts falling off when he start getting this feeling that someone is watching over him and knows his secret.


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