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Those lazy afternoons, those lonely nights and a hopeless weekend with no plans always calls up for a movie time but then the shroud of laziness engulf you in searching the best of the best genre and yet again you slump onto the boredom. And in the wake of the hour, we are here to solve this lazy antic of what to watch. As you all know the digital space is dominated with the OTT Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar. And with a large base of Indian serials and movies, Hotstar brings you a package of giving the Hollywood content to its best score.

modern family

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For today, we are going to enlist those nostalgic chimes through the arc of this blog.

1. Modern Family

What if I tell you that this family has the same age-old issues but with a tinge of how they dealt with the concept of Nuclear, Step and Same-sex evolving into a modern backdrop. The series revolve around the Patriarch Jay, his very much young wife Gloria and their son. And Jay’s family which consist of his daughter Claire, his husband Phil Dunphy and their 3 kids and son Mitchell who lives with his partner Cameron and their adoptive daughter.

The series follows a sitcom and mockumentary format where they take in the audience in a comical and whimsical ride for 10 seasons and guess what the final season is going to be premiered on 25th September 2019.

2. Two and a half men

No matter what the title of the show is they cover each and every aspect of a man’s life – woman, sex, dating, relationship, love and friendship. A carefree brother and his Single Parent sibling come under the same roof with his son, the journey of these men leads up to a riot of laughter – with wavelength of one trying to be an ideal adult to his son and to the womanizer who believes in making the best of everything.

The series follows the sitcom format which went on for 12 seasons and if this doesn’t amuse you, I’d really be doubting your humor.

3. Vampire diaries

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Well, you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit that you never had a crush on Damon or Stefan. These gorgeous beings have always captivated the hearts of every teen girl, and I was no less. But as the name suggest, the show did revolve around Vampires and more like gave a Twilight setback even though the show had various plot twists with the main lead turning into a vampire herself and her life changes with each season with the love interest changing simultaneously to Stefan to Damon.

This series is available on Hotstar and follows with the combination of drama, supernatural, fantasy and horror with 8 seasons.

4. How I met your mother

This show explains and defines the beauty of how we meet certain people in our life who complete the circle and adds on meaning to it for being hold on for together. It revolves around a group of friends who stick to each other for the good or the worst of the days.

This series ran for 9 seasons with the format of romance sitcom and made us fall in love with each and every character in every beautiful way it could.

5. Sex and the City

Before ‘ Four more shots please’ , this series was dominating the television with the concept of 4  powerful boss bitch women against the whole world where they led their socialite lifestyle filled with luxury and scandals. It explores the sexual tensions and intimacy of every women and their independent lifestyle.

The series follows the format of sex comedy and it ran for 6 season and two  movies under its name.


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