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With the advent of online streaming sites, web series, short movies are part of our watch list. We see the trailer, teaser of almost 50 new web series every month across all platforms. How many of them make it to a full-fledged show?
India has seen almost 500 new web series come up in the last 5 years. We have seen some shows make normal actors stars whereas some show fizzles out and never see the light of the day.

We will tell you about 7 such unreleased Web series of India who came with a bang in terms of trailers, cast, interviews but never released.

Let’s find out what happened to them and where are they now?


Coming from Original starts who started the revolution in the Indian Web series,” TVF”, who can forget the iconic dialogue of “Tu Beer Hai!!”. People loved the 1st season of the show as it was the best mix of humour, story and great execution with a proper cast. It was a huge hit among the audience and maybe the first one to start the trend of successful web series in India. Pitchers is that kind of success that even after four years, people are still asking the question, “ Pitchers 2 kab ayega?”

If any series deserves a second season, it’s this.

TVF Pitchers Season 1

Source: Newslaundry.com

So, What happened?

The rumours of the second season were confirmed when the writers of the shows announced a while after season 1.

The hype increased especially after the end of Permanent Roommates’ Season 2 where they posted a little teaser of the show. And that was the last thing anything was officially posted from TVF’s about Pitchers Season 2. We got to know that the production got delayed and delayed and other projects took priority.

What Went Wrong?

The big thing that hit the production was the first wave of the oncoming MeToo campaign that took one of the big fishes with it in a medium article: the founder of TVF and one of the main cast members on the show, Arunabh Kumar, who played Yogi. In March 2017, multiple women came out in protest and accuse Arunabh of misbehaving and hence Arunabh had to step down as the CEO of the entertainment website. We have not got any information on the second season after that.

Watch the trailer of TVF Pitchers Season 1 here: Trailer

Is Season 2 cancelled?

The cast member most in the limelight has been Naveen Kasturia and he has been repeatedly hounded by the question (which I’m not repeating.) The last statement he provided, in May 2018, was that TVF Pitchers Season 2 has been “indefinitely pushed“. At least he’s not saying it’s cancelled, but we can hang on to flimsy hopes.TVF also released a showreel of all their upcoming projects in May of this year, and Pitchers 2 was understandably missing.


The owners of this web series were the controversial, “Don’t-give-a-damn” All India Bakchod. From the early trailers and synopsis, this was supposed to be a political satire show. Furthermore, it was about a person who unwittingly became a part of the cabinet, which in this case was “Ministry of Culture”. The AIB crew Tanmay Bhat and Rohan Joshi announced the show with zeal with Irfan Khan in the lead during 2018 but things started going downhill once Irfan Khan’s health deteriorated and they had to stop filming the episodes.

AIB Gormint Picture

Source: Tribune.com

Things became more trouble when AIB members were accused in the #Metoo movement and they went missing in action for quite a bit of time.

Is the show cancelled?

The news was they have replaced Irfan Khan with Arshad Warsi in Feb 2019. We have not heard anything after that making it difficult to pinpoint on a date or month when we can expect the series.


Guns and Thighs Poster


Well, what do you expect from the original director all everything that has to do with Guns?. Well, you expect a kick-ass web series. It was named after Ram Gopal Verma’s autobiography and the trailer looked each bit of amazing that is known as RGV. It had everything which RGV is known for starting from Mafia, Guns and corrupt officials and yes, lots of skin. The trailer was promising, and it created a lot of buzz but then everything went cold.

Is the show cancelled?

They have a website http://www.gunsandthighs.com from 2017 and no updates have been posted since then. It was rumoured to have shot 10 episodes but we do not know what happened after that. RGV was quoted saying they want the story arc to be completed in four seasons but as of today, we do not have any update on the same.


The synopsis of this series read,” Starting Up brings to you a new-age story of a man and woman brought together by marriage, but who blossoms to find their purpose in Life, when tides turn against – to discover the meaning of Love.”

Unreleased Web series Starting Up

Source: Imdb.com

The series had to star good actors who have done memorable performances in the past, but the series did not release. An official statement from the makers reads,” It will take some more time because something special is brewing!. Thanks for the love and support” #StartingUp

Is the show cancelled?

The statement was the last thing they ever posted back in 2017, and the trailer has been offline for a while now.
So, we do not know if the show will ever see the light of day.


The synopsis of the show reads,” Newton is a young Maharashtrian boy who fails to find a job despite being an IIT topper. He somehow finds himself in a crime ring and goes on to be the top of the mafia using his smarts.

Unreleased Web series Gangster Newton

That’s like using your brains for all the wrong purposes. At first, glance, when you see the Gangster Newton trailer, you see the up-and-coming Shashank Arora. The trailer then explodes into a mad chase down favela-looking Bombay shanties and escalates to a point where nothing, but comic relief would suffice. And, it does. At second glance, it does look like someone took a Whatsapp joke too far and created a well-produced show out of it. Then you think how they are going to sustain the maths + science + underworld angle much longer for an entire season. Turns out, they didn’t really.

Is the show cancelled?

The trailer for ‘Gangster Newton’ has been out since March of 2017 and no news has trickled in of its update from the creators. But according to an interview given to mid-day by the lead actor, they were still shooting it and were expected to wrap up production by the end of 2018. Watch this space for any more updates on the story.


All of us remember Babuji, his meme and how popular they were in the social media. The memes in as to what Babuji would say to a particularly scandalous situation and just like that Alok Nath as Babuji was viral. What followed was the announcement from Voot that they are making a web series with actor Alok Nath in lead.

Unreleased Web series

Source: indianfilmhistory.com

The format of the show was taking the sanskaar of Babuji and giving it a twist by combining Sins +Sanskaar. Therefore, the name Sinskaar. Babuji was supposed to interview celebrities on their sins and turn the chat show on hot and sexy topics. Although only one episode was officially aired on Voot, it was later canned which unknown reasons.

Is the show cancelled?

Alok Nath was later caught up in MeToo movement where news of him taking advantage of women in power emerged. As a result, they were forced not to air any more episodes. We do not think they are again thinking of airing it any time soon and the show is officially over. You can, however, watch the trailer on Here.


I guess the Metoo movement has a lot of victims and the worst affected this Tv series. As the first and second seasons were an instant hit with the audience. They had a famous cast, a good story to back them up and overall good execution. Also, they had good money riding on the series and people gave rave reviews on the same.

Unreleased Web series

Source: mashable.com

But, Utsav Chakraborty’s case not only took down the whole of AIB but affected a lot of the other properties he was involved in. BLF was shunned as Utsav was a main cast member. Hotstar, then removed both seasons of BLF it had on its platform. The move was criticized and in June of 2019, the hashtag #bringbackBLF trended on twitter.

Is the show cancelled?

As of August 2019, there was no news about the show. We will keep you updated once we have any update on the same.

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