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In this era, Online platforms are booming, and with that it has evolved itself as a myriad of entertainment web series. In case you are an interest taker of family dramas and comedy, here is a list of 7 web series you must watch if you liked triplings.

Aam Aadmi Family

As the name literally suggests, the Aam Aadmi Family is the story of all of us, the middle class families. The sharma family comes up with a new challenge to face everyday as they bargain with life. Thus, it is a must watch.

Available on Youtube.

What The Folks

Also a story of family and relationships, What the Folks is more of a take on the breaking of stereotypes, and bonding over growing relationships and distancing relationships. It captures the story of Nikhil who has been forced to live with his in laws.

Available on YouTube

The Family Man

What if someone from your family works as an agent at RAW and nobody is aware of it? Family Man is one such unique story of Srikant, a man with family, but he has to hide the fact that he is an on field agent who works for the government.

Available on Amazon Prime

Yeh Meri Family

TVF surely makes one nostalgic with this web series. Yeh Meri Family is a must watch show if you are a kid from the 90s. From the chilling time in the summers to the phantom cigarettes, this show takes you through all those special memories of those days.

Available on Netflix, TVFPlay

Mind The Malhotras

Amazon prime comes with the daily episodes of a dysfunctional family where the kids are growing up and the elders are getting younger. Mind the Malhotras is quirky and uniquely funny.

It is available on Amazon Prime

Sarabhai vs sarabhai Take 2

Another season of the classic show of 2000s, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai take 2 comes with more fun, and more spices to the screen. Though there has been some changes to the family. As a new member, Sahil and Monisha have a son named Arnab.

It is available on Hotstar


Gullak is a series of tales from the Mishra family, as they dwell in the smaller happiness of the small town life. This is the story of Santosh and Shanti and their sons Annu and Aman as they keep every moments of their lives as a special one irrespective of the fact that the life they expect is far beyond their ambit.

Available on Sony Liv, TVFplay


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