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Breathe is one of those terrific web series which entered the space of online web series for the first time. Like Sacred Games, Breathe also won the heart of a large number of viewers all over India. The intriguing thrilling plot, amazing acting and unique storyline kept the audience on the edge always. Moreover, the superb dialogues and scenes are creating quite an uproar on various social media platforms till now.

Let’s dive into some amazing dialogues from Breathe that we are loving a lot!

We loved the much-needed organ donation awareness

dialogues from breathe

Danny even bowled out the religious barrier with Bhagwad Gita reference

Many people use religion as a reason to avoid organ donation and sometimes are not aware enough to understand the gravity of the situation. Breathe successfully hold up this issue through powerful dialogues.


The most important life lesson

Don’t doubt your parent’s love because no one will treat you better than them in this cruel world.

dialogues from breathe

Danny dropping Truth Bombs!!


Subodh holding up a mirror to the life of every terminal patient’s family

The trauma and mental torture a patient’s family goes through is quite far from the understanding of a normal family.


Subodh Rao summed up the entire series!!

This portrays how far one can go to protect the one he/she loves.

web series

The Ultimate Truth!!!!

Be it a wife, husband, mother or father, their first priority is to keep their families safe and protect them at all cost.


Being human.


These are some of the awesome dialogues from Breathe we liked a lot! If you still haven’t watched this amazing thriller, this is your perfect binge watch for this weekend.

All pictures are screenshots taken from Amazon Prime and edited further.

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