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In the last few years, many web series have been popping up in the Indian entertainment scene. Our generation is increasingly being known as the ‘woke’ generation. We have become more self-aware. We demand for content that is progressive and is with the times. No longer we are fed with same old stereotypes. Female characters are now empowered, and an exact representation of the modern woman.

Indian web scene provides a breath of fresh air in terms of content when compared to our films and TV. The narratives are fresh, the characters are deep, and the plot is not generic.

Here are 9 female characters from Indian Web Series who are ‘badass’ in their own way:

Meera, Girl in the City

Meera Sehgal, a 21-year-old from Dehradun, arrives in Mumbai with aspirations to succeed in the highly competitive fashion industry and comes to terms with the city’s challenges and surprises.

Meera from girl in the city is the definition of a strong modern woman

Source: Bindass.com

Sehgal is a strong-headed individual who never backs down from a challenge. She messes up but then gets up again to fight the battle. Meera is relatable as heck and inspires us all to never lose faith.

Tara, Baked

Tara is a DU student who isn’t apologetic about her life choices. When Harris meets Tara for the first time, she’s just had sex. She casually offers him a cigarette. Throughout the two seasons of the show, she plays an ambitious and smart DU girl who is also an activist.

tara from baked is a strong female character

Source: Mymovierack.com

Tara inspires us all to be unapologetically ourselves, and keep doing our thing even when the world’s against us.

Shreya, Pitchers

Even though Shreya is a minor character in the series, she is the one who stands up the most. Now and then there comes a movie that preaches to put a relationship before career.

shreya from pitchers chooses career over love

Source: Pinterest.com

But, Shreya breaks these shackles and choose to take that promotion in London even after being in a healthy relationship. She tells us, to not sacrifice career for love or love for a career. With the right person, both can be achieved in the right manner.

Chanchal, Tripling

Chanchal is a strong woman who fights for her position amongst the men in her life. She assumes authority after Pranav goes missing, and helps Pranav win back his people. She feels trapped in her marriage and so decides to go on a road trip with her brothers when they visit her. Although her husband expects her to be poised and graceful because she’s the bahu of a famous Rajasthani family, she dances her heart out in a public place. She even calls out her husband and brothers when they try to impose their decisions on them.

Chanchal from TVF Tripling

Source: Facebook.com

Dingo and Khanna, Ladies Room

Ladies Room won’t give you a morality lesson but does a great job in favour of gender equality. It’s about two best friends who are in their 20s, Dingo and Khanna. Each episode premises in a different restroom. The pro-feminism portrayal in the series is subtle and it’s always great to watch women leads in a comedy series. The two girls are living their lives much like any of us – drinking, living alone, working, and handling the rent situation and so on. That’s what makes the series so relatable and fun to watch.

Dingo and Khanna from the Ladies Room

Source: India.com

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