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In the new age world of advanced technology, making everything available at your convenience, as the older generation might say, is the “new thing”. Watching series, shows and movies on platforms other than your TV screens is something that is not new but is only getting more and more popular amongst our generation.  Competition between ‘which series is better than the other’ has found itself a whole new meaning. Questions like  “Would the audience rather watch the same story lines of classic romcoms and action or would they like the classics genre with more twists, unexpected cliffhangers and finesse ends to a tale?” seem to be conflicting ones.

At HITFLIX.CO, we answer such questions and more. As the name suggests, we provide daily doses of updates on latest Bollywood and Hollywood series and movies on Indian OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HotStar.

With fresh content every day, latest trailers, news, and throwbacks from the past, our audience will find a whole new reason to engage themselves in the world of drama, romance, comedy, thriller, action and more. We’re a trademark brand and highly believe that the service we provide is one of a kind. When memes are our forte, comedy becomes our favorite genre. If you’ve seen Pankaj Tripathi sir from Mirzapur cussing over a phone call, then you’ve definitely spotted that post on our page or… on one of our unknown “fan pages”. As one of our employees says, “The ones who copy us truly admire us”.

Did you know that Game of thrones hasn’t yet come to end?! Well, you’d know about this and more if you were following our page.

“Baba you’re beautiful.” Who spoke this famous dialogue and in which series? Check out our page and we’ll tell you all about it.

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