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Amazon Prime India dropped its original series Afsos on February 7, 2020. Anubhuti Kashyap is the director of this thriller series. Afsos stars Gulshan Devaiah, Anjali Patil, Aakash Dahiya and Sulagna Panigrahi in pivotal roles.


Afsos puts forth the story of Nakul (Devaiah). Nakul is an amateur writer who makes numerous attempts to end his life after witnessing failure in love and ambition. However, his therapist, Shloka Srinivasan (Patil) wants to restore his will of living. Submitting himself to death, Nakul hires an illegal hitman agency to shoot him dead. However, Upadhyay (Heeba Shah), the woman invested with this task, fails to kill him twice. Besides, she suffers a neurotic obsession with killing people and cuts her hand each time she completes her job.

Things take a gradual turn when Shloka confesses her feelings for Nakul. Further, a publication house offers Nakul a proposal to publish his book. They offer this proposal in exchange for necessary modifications and a fee of 3 lacs. This is when Nakul develops an urge to give his life a second chance.

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However, Upadhyay constantly chases him to end his life. Furthermore, Nakul comes across Fokatiya Baba. Fokatiya Baba is sent from the sacred Panchsheel to search for the immortal man. His leader has given him the sacred elixir of life to give it to an immortal person. He claims Nakul to be the referred man since the latter has defeated death on several occasions.

On the other hand, Dr, Goldfish (Jamie Alter) is in pursuit of the same elixir since he considers it to be rather an antidote to end mortality. He traces the Panchsheel hermit through an article written by journalist Ayesha Mirani (Panigrahi). Dr. Goldfish’s agent kills the hermits and goes to Bombay searching for Fokatiya Baba. On the other hand, Bir Singh (Dahiya), a virtuous inspector from Panchsheel sets out on his mission to search for the same Fokatiya Baba, who is now accused of the death of the other hermits.

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This somber story highlighting the battle between science and belief, mortality and immortality gives out the following life lessons:


Quitting is never an option:


Shloka mentions this at the very first episode of the series. Every individual has witnessed failure in his life. Each one of us goes through ups and downs. But succumbing to our failures isn’t the destined option. Instead, we should learn to get up each time we fall so that nothing can break us for the rest of our lives.

Afsos life lessons
A still from the show


Think before you leap:


Depicted through the impulsive nature of Nakul. His impatient mind makes him take a rash decision which leaves him repentance for his entire life. Had he paid attention to Shloka’s advice and not foolishly paid a ransom for his own death, he would never have to commit heinous crimes as he did. Hence, it is very necessary to know the repercussions of a certain step before taking it.

Afsos Life Lessons
A still from the show


A man’s work makes him immortal:


“Jeev Nashwar hai aur Karm Amar hai.”

Inspector Bir Raj Singh stands tall as the epitome of the phrase throughout the series. Instead of aspiring the immortality of the body, one should focus on making his works and his name immortal. A person might return to dust, but his legacy continues for ages. Inspector Bir wanted to uphold the values of his profession and convict the guilty. He was fearless. His work ultimately made his entire town proud of him. Thus, man must look for the same kind of pride his deeds may bring in for the people around him.

Aakash Dahiya as Inspector Bir Raj Singh


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