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Name– After Life

Platform- Netflix

Released on – 8 March 2019

Director– Ricky Gervais

 After life

This dark comedy- drama series is about moving on and the problems one suffers when trying to cope up with the death of someone they loved deeply. This Netflix series have 2 seasons with 6 episodes each.  It received positive reviews from critics and audience. Here’s a quick review of the show.

Trailer of the series

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After life offers a new perspective on life and it’s painfully relatable but inspiring dialogues will give you new outlook.  Tony is a writer who lost his wife due to cancer. Show revolves around how he tries to live after her death. However, this show is more than that. It’s about how difficult it is to move on after you lose someone really close to you but it’s not impossible. It depends on your will to do so. Tony starts punishing everyone including himself because his wife dies but they didn’t. He thinks its his superpower to not care about other things.

However, he slowly realizes that not only him but everyone is in pain. World’s a troubled place and everyone has a problem they need to deal with. But that doesn’t give them an excuse to be mean with others. This show is about his journey from wanting to suicide to actually find a reason to live.

after life still pic

This show will really change the way you look at others. It will urge you to be good but it won’t feel forced or evident. After Life is a beautiful journey of a man as he tries to move on in his life after his wife died. He becomes friend with an old lady at the cemetery and talks about his life with him. This show is a fresh take on moving on and isn’t a fairytale story. For instance, the lead character is flawed in his own way. This show will take you on an emotional ride you didn’t know you needed in your life.

What Works

Script, Acting, Shorter episodes and background music

What doesn’t work

Few unnecessary inspiring dialogues



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