(Last Updated On: 13 May, 2020)

Internet sensation Ahsaas Channa was on her highest spirits on an Instagram live session with us. The Girls Hostel actress talked about her journey, her upcoming plans and even recollected some fond memories from her childhood.

Ahsaas Channa

Here’s what we talked about with Ahsaas Channa:

How are you spending your quarantine?

Panicking mostly. This is a never-seen-before phase of our lives. Even when I sneeze a little, I get hyper. I constantly text my friends as if my world is falling apart.
However, this period has let me go back to my older hobbies. I have started doodling once again. I used to doodle back in school. I have been working out a lot. Other than that, I have been washing stuff which I did not get much time for usually.

Any new series you have started binging on?

Yes, I am watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I am in love with it. Parikshit (Joshi) and I started watching it together so that we get to discuss it later.

How has the journey of Ahsaas Channa been as a child actor in Vaastu Shastra, KANK, etc?

I was too young back then, about three years of age. Nevertheless, it was surreal.

Any experience you’d like to share about working with Shah Rukh Khan?
Ahsaas Channa
Little Ahsaas in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Of course. Shah Rukh Sir is a very hardworking person. He is equally charming. I remember he used to pamper me and comfort me a lot in between shoot since it was very cold in New York.
I was also very excited to work with Amitabh Bachchan. All of us stayed there for two months. We shared the same hotel, had dinners together. Further, I remember celebrating Diwali in New York with the entire star cast, Karan Johar and the team of Dharma. We had become a small family.

Your experience or playing a possessed kid in Phoonk?
Ahsaas in Phoonk

My mom was a bit apprehensive about it since it required a lot of effort. However, I was very excited. Ram Gopal Varma Sir had made us all watch Exorcist to get the gist of my character. I was around eleven, I believed I could play it. And I did.

So, how did you enter into movies?

I was a very active kid. I used to impersonate dialogues from Sholay. Further, a friend of my mother was associated with casting. She was the one to suggest my mom taking me for auditions. I auditioned for quite a lot of parts. The director wanted a boy child and asked if I was comfortable to play one. My mother agreed and gradually Vastu Shastra, KANK happened.

Your characters on web series are mostly free-spirited and energetic.

Main hoon hi aisi (laughs)! I have a lot of energy. I am a complete chatterbox. Even my friends get mad at me due to this sometimes. But yeah, this is how I am, so it comes spontaneously on screen.

However, I really am the opposite of my character Shivangi in Kota Factory. Even my character Richa is very different from what I actually am. I have also featured in one of the episodes of Just Human Things’ Overtime. My character there was a complete badass, saving people, killing wrongdoers. I really enjoyed doing it. So much, that I sometimes watch that episode on loop. Moreover, I would also like to recommend watching Overtime. It’s somewhat relevant to the current lockdown we are all stuck in.

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