(Last Updated On: 11 April, 2020)

Allthestreams.fm is the latest pirate radio for streaming shows online. With All the streams, you can now keep up with your favorite series available on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu without paying for individual subscriptions of each platform.

All the streams

This private radio station is the brainchild of MSCHF.

This creative agency that has earlier conducted similar experiments to integrate the streaming of shows from various platforms. This includes the famous Password of the Day project. All the streams pay for the subscriptions of various OTT Platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, HBOMax to provide its users uninterrupted streaming of the shows airing on these platforms. This, however, takes place through VPN backchannels. One drawback of All the streams is that the users do not get to choose from a list of various shows like their default platforms. They get to watch anything that is airing on the station that point of time. However, that’s adjustable since you don’t need to pay for the content.

To date, All the streams enjoys a viewership of more than 10,000 audiences. Further, it has successfully aired shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians from Hulu, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi which originally runs on Disney+. Further, Netflix shows like Game of Thrones and the recently released Hunters on Amazon Prime Video have also debuted on this radio station.



The question that has been making rounds is that of piracy. Isn’t the site broadcasting content in an unethical manner? Isn’t this blasphemous stealing of viewership from the principal OTT platforms?

OTT Platforms

Well, MSCHF is aware of all the consequences. It has also predicted the short-lived success of All The Streams once it creates further stir. The makers aren’t much concerned about its user utility. As a result, there’s no selection menu on what to watch for the users. All the streams is designed to pose a direct challenge to the streaming giants and establish how low profile hackers can equalize the popularity of OTT Platforms. Other than that, the makers have also claimed to have a legal assistant to keep a check at all the sanctions it receives.

As of now, All the streams is working on covering more shows across the world. They wish to play anything they prefer with the desire of creating a playlist that no streaming platform could ever provide to its users.

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