(Last Updated On: 16 March, 2020)

For a few months, the threat of Government imposing censorship barriers on OTT platforms like Amazon, Netflix and Hotstar is making rounds. The Information and Broadcast Ministry of India apparently are formulating certain regulations for these platforms to abide by. Apparently, this will ensure the safekeeping of viewers’ interests irrespective of their age group.

While talking to an International News Agency, a Government Official remarked how the proposal of moderating digital content has been a concern for quite a while. Due to the increasing number of shows on platforms like Amazon, Netflix and Hotstar, there has been a considerable increase in the broadcast of explicit, vulnerable, and unfiltered content.

Netflix shows like Sacred Games and Leila have already faced political suites.

Censorship netflix

Several complaints lodged against the Saif Ali Khan-Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer. This was due to certain offensive remarks and leud comments made on public figures. Similarly, certain groups faced disappointment with the objectional portrayal of India’s political future in the Huma Qureshi starrer.

Shows like The Family Man and Mirzapur were also under the radar.

Alongside Netflix is its global rival, Amazon Prime. Original series like The Family Man and Mirzapur faced the wrath of censorship and were booked in the charges of hurting religious sentiments along with the uncensored portrayal of lovemaking or molestation scenes. How ironic is such a concern in a country with the maximum number of rape cases!

Censorship Amazon Prime

The most recent personality to face the censorship blackout is John Oliver who conducted a special segment on the Prime Minister. The show was to air on India’s very own streaming giant Hotstar. However, the platform took it down keeping in mind political restrictions.


The Official also reported on the Ministry reviewing several other disparities observed in the digital streaming of several movies. Such disparities include the depiction of smoking and drinking scenes without a warning below.

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