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Afsos review

Name: Afsos

Release Date: February 7

Available on: Amazon Prime

Director: Anubhuti Kashyap

Cast: Gulshan Devaiah

Anjali Patil

Heeba Shah

Danish Sait

Dhruv Sehgal


About the story: As the trailer suggests, Afsos is about a man Nakul, who is not satisfied with his life and wants to commit suicide. The only problem is that all his attempts fail due to some reason or the other. So, he decides to hire a hitman to kill him. Things change as he falls in love with a girl and does not want to die anymore, but a contract killer is already on the move for him, who will whatsoever not stop!

This series has two other parallel stories going side by side. One is of a baba named Fokatiya, who wants to give the precious Amrit aka Elixir to an immortal man. Meanwhile, there Inspector Bir Singh from Uttarakhand, wants to do good but he is stuck with a police station in Mumbai that is a suction for mediocrity. He is there in search of the same baba, who he thinks has massacred his mates in an ashram and is known to be in Mumbai. It also has a journalist, who is after the same story.

Afsos review

Analysis: The title is totally justified as the series is quite sad. In fact, it does justice to its genre too, being the appropriate dark comedy it is. Except the fact that the story started falling apart after a few episodes, Afsos was a treat to watch for the initial episodes especially. In fact, the makers totally gave a hint of season 2 at the very end. I am desperately waiting for the next part.

Keeping the direction aside, another thing that won my heart was Heeba Shah’s acting. She made it all feel so real and believable. And ofcourse, how can I forget to mention Gulshan Devaiah’s stellar performance. However, I also felt that even if it is a dark comedy, the Prime video series lagged at some places. It went from slow to boring at few instances. If you are a fan of dark humour, then this is a must watch!

Afsos review

What works: Direction and Heeba Shah’s acting

What doesn’t work: Boring and slow at times

Recommend: Yes

Rating: 4/5

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Afsos Review

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