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babbar ka tabbarRelease date – 14th June 2018

Number of Episodes – 6

Cast and Crew
Bhavin Bhanushali
Manu Rishi Chaddha
Anshuman Jha
Avneet Kaur
Ayesha Mishra

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Comedy| Drama

About the Series

Babbar Ka Tabbar revolves around the Babbar family, who struggle to bridge the generation gap with their millennial kids. The parents and kids try their best to cope up with each other’s lifestyles which often gets them in hilarious situations.


Babbar Ka Tabbar has a ‘trying too hard to be cool’ father, an over-protective mother, a socially-awkward son, an overconfident daughter and a good-for-nothing paying guest cum family therapist. The Babbar’s is a Punjabi family who struggles hard to maintain the soundness and their tenant Jamia played by Anshuman Jha is sutradhaar who gives advice and solutions to the owner and his family where and when needed and has almost become the part of the family, Kittu played by Bhavin Bhanushali is Mr. Babbar’s socially awkward son like every grad, guy out there who discard his interest like clothes.

He was earlier willing to learn Mandolin and then shifted to become a fashion designer onto which his dad doubted him for turning into a gay. Nikki played by Avneet Kaur is the daughter and is overconfident about herself and wants to keep her space private but her dad sends a friend request to her best friend and suspecting him to be her boyfriend and things turn out to be amusing. Mrs Babbar is an overprotective mother like typical mothers, who are credulous and in the influence of crime patrol and neighbour aunties.


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