(Last Updated On: 7 May, 2020)

Baby Come Naa (2018)

Release date – 1st November 2018

Number of Episodes – 6

Cast and Crew
Shreyas Talpade
Chunky Pandey
Kiku Sharda
Shefali Zariwala
Manasi Scott

Farhad Samji

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ALT Balaji
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About the Series

Aditya (Shreyas Talpade), is a two-timer, who professes his love to two women, Preeti (Manasi Scott) and Alvira (Shefali Zariwala) and Chunkey Pandey. However, he himself is a divorcee, and is finding it difficult to juggle his personal life. But this mix comes a plumber, played by Chunky Pandey, who smells a rat and is hellbent on finding out the truth about what’s going on.


And the show springs no surprises, and it provides what it promises to – raucous late-night entertainment for adults. Finally, the dialogues are laden with double entendre, some sequences that generate laughs. Shreyas Talpade, Chunky Pandey and Kiku Sharda unleash their late-night TV avatar, and they are talented enough to carry the episodes through. Furthermore, Manasi Scott and Shefali Zariwala do a good job of playing the ditzy browns – the Indian version of the ditzy blondes.

It’s good to see Chunky Pandey back on screen in a substantial role after such a long time. But, we get it. It’s an adult show, so double entendre will be par for the course. But when every third dialogue is a triple – not even double entendre – it does get tiresome. What could be a rib-tickling comedy about philandered and maybe a subtle statement on infidelity turns out to be a keep-at-homes-brain-fest. Not happening.


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