(Last Updated On: 7 May, 2020)

Engineering girls take you on a journey of the life of three friends, Maggu, Sabu and Kiara in the engineering world. From love and friendship to conflicts and ambitions, this web series presents a real adventure of college life. The refreshing trio and their bonding make you reminiscence your good old college days. Also, we have seen many movies and series made on engineering life from the viewpoint of boys. However, this is one of those rare times when a series portrays the hostel and engineering college life from the perspective of girls.

Let’s dig into some amazing dialogues and moments from Engineering Girls:


When Sabu fight with Uday for Maggu

We all need a friend like her who is always ready to stand up for us.

moments from engineering girls:


When Kiara help Sabu and Maggu in patching up their differences

engineering girls


The nostalgia of Hostel life

When Maggu and Kiara convince the warden for Sabu’s birthday party.

engineering girls


When friends guide you towards the right path

Friends are not friends if they don’t criticize you freely and show you the right way.




web series

These are some of the best dialogues and moments from Engineering Girls that we are loving a lot! If you are looking for a college life web series, go for this right away! You will not be disappointed.

All the pics are screenshots taken from YouTube and edited further.

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