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What’s your Status explores the life of people in three different stages of a relationship- single, committed and married. Each story depicts a separate phase of the relationship. This portrays the bonding, love, nok-jhoks, understanding and ups and downs in a relationship in the most realistic manner. Also, the way this web series captures the mind, feelings, and desires of this new generation of youth is quite praiseworthy. Moreover, the impactful dialogues and scenes make you feel and relate to the characters.

Let’s look at some of the relatable and inspirational dialogues from What’s your status:


The ultimate funda of relationship

In a relationship, commitment is a big word which calls for your responsibility. So, it’s not just something to put on your social media staus for show off.

dialogues from what's your status


Bharat spilling the facts to enjoy life

what's your status


TJ dropping truth bombs!

dialogues from what's your status


Time to find your right train of life

what's your status


Doc teaching the most important lesson of life

web series


When Balu won our hearts with his emotional speech

youtube series


Guess what? That’s how life works.

You just have to let it go and give your best to make it happen.

web show


Doc strikes back with much-needed Gyan!

dialogues from What's your status


These are some of the amazing dialogues from What’s your status that we are enjoying nowadays. So, if you still haven’t watched this web series, just go for it!

All the pics are screenshots taken from YouTube and edited further.

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