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It’s not a new fact that Netflix is one of the most popular and biggest video streaming platforms in India. It offers a huge collection of TV series, movies, Original web series, documentaries, anime, cartoons and so on. Netflix helps you to explore various genres such as rom-com, thriller, mystery, comedy, crime, sci-fi, horror and fantasy. Do you like to watch dystopian series that offers you a harsh critic of reality? If you are one of them who loves to watch stories that can capture the dark reality of humanity, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s look at some of the best dystopian series on Netflix that you can binge-watch this weekend:



dystopian series on netflix

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In the vast ocean of crime, psychological and thriller web series, Netflix India comes up with its first Indian dystopian drama, Leila. This series tells us a story of a helpless mother in search of her daughter in the dystopian future. However, the main plot takes you on a deeper journey of religious extremism and terrors of authoritarianism in India. Many viewers are criticizing it due to its portrayal of religion in a negative way. But the intense and powerful political narrative of the realistic future makes it exceptional.

Black mirror


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Black Mirror is a science fiction dystopian anthology series which portrays the most unexpected consequences of new technologies in the world. Set in the near future, it satirizes the growing relationship between human beings and technology that results in unforeseen destruction in modern society. Thus, this dystopian series on Netflix makes you think about the darkest side of human inventions in this high tech world.


dystopian series on Netflix

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What will happen if you have to go through intense competition to come out of extreme poverty? This Brazilian dystopian series on Netflix tells us a story about Inland where only 3% worthy people can escape their impoverished state to live in an elite society. Thus, it portrays the vast division between the progressive and regressive side of the world where only a few people can make it to the better side. Quite a familiar situation, isn’t it?

Altered Carbon

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Altered Carbon is a dystopian sci-fi series set in 300 years in the future. This series takes us into a world where technology has totally overpowered human beings. A world where one can transfer human consciousness between bodies and memories can be altered easily. Death is no longer permanent. Now imagine bringing back a person in someone else’s body just for solving a murder case. A wholesome package of cyberpunk, mystery,  thriller, sci-fi action drama, what else do you want? Just go for it already!

The Rain

web drama

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The Rain is a dystopian post-apocalyptic series where a brutal rain-carried virus wiped out almost the entire population of Scandinavia. Six years later, two siblings along with other survivors join hand in search of answers of this sudden epidemic. However, this series dark climate fiction goes deep into the brutality, jealousy and dark desires hidden under the survival mechanism in the apocalyptic world.

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