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Fantasy movies are always there to provide fodder to our imagination and take us to a magical realm beyond reality. From fantastical creatures and magical elements to witchcraft and special powers, fantasy movies have everything. Thus, they help us get out of our boring reality and the same old monotonous life. So, are you ready to escape into the mystical world of dragons, wizards, vampires, mermaids or goblins? Let’s go!!!!

Here’s a list of some of the best fantasy movies dubbed in Hindi. Are you ready?

Dorian Gray (2009)

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Based on a novel by Oscar Wilde, this thrilling fantasy movie is about a young man who exchanged his soul for eternal beauty. But the image of this attractive man inside the portrait soon starts exposing his ugliness with every sin he commits. Set in the Victorian era, this movie not only explores the darkness of the human mind and the destruction caused by greed, power, deceit, and vanity.


Sucker Punch (2011)

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What happens with a girl trapped in a mental asylum by her abusive father finds an alternative reality to escape? As the thin line between reality and the fantastical world starts to merge, will she be able to get out of the asylum or it’s already too late? To understand this movie, you need to keep your mind and eyes open to understand the layered metaphors present throughout the film.

DayBreakers (2009)

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Set in the future, the battle for blood begins as vampires occupy most of the earth and only 5% human population is left. What will happen when a vamp Doctor meets someone who can switch between his human and vampire form? This fantasy movie offers a perfect thrilling ride with lots of action, twists and a perfect amount of graphic violence.

Upside Down (2012)

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Imagine a universe, where two worlds exist together but the people can’t meet each other as the universal laws pulls them apart. This fantasy romance is about Adam and Eden who falls in love as teenagers but gets separated due to the opposite pulls of gravity between two worlds. However, this beautiful fairytale proves that even the laws of the universe can’t overpower the pure love. More than a sci-fi film, this takes you on a fantasy world.


Priest (2011)


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Priest is a post-apocalyptic fantasy thriller which tells us about a priest’s fight with vampires to rescue his niece. From breaking down sacred vows to hunting down ferocious vampires, the veteran warrior can go to any length to find his kidnapped niece. It’s a simple vampire-human war story set in a fantasy or alternative world.


Immortals (2011)

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Immortals is an action fantasy movie which is a blend of fantasy and mythology genre. Quite interesting isn’t it? This movie tells us the story when King Hyperion decides to destroy Greece and sets on a hunt to find the weapon for mankind’s destruction. But Zeus is not someone to watch this idly. He orders a mortal named Theseus to bring him down. If you are up for a groundbreaking mythological action thriller, then this is it. Each and every scene and battles are impressive and perfect.


Solomon Kane (2009)


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This a fantasy action movie which tells us about Solomon Kane who abandons his violent actions to repent his sins. But, things didn’t seem to go his way when he witnesses a girl’s family being slaughtered in front of her eyes. Will Solomon go back to her violent ways for her rescue? Does fighting evil only work in evil ways?


Seventh Son (2014)

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“When darkness falls, the son will rise”. A new hero is born. This adventure fantasy movie is about John Gregory, the seventh son of a seventh son who is looking for someone to carry on his trade. Moreover, he is looking for someone strong enough who can survive his training for protecting his country from witches, ghouls, and evil spirits. If you are looking for a fantasy film for one time watch in your free time, then go for it!


Dinosaur Island (2014)

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Dinosaur Island is a sci-fi fantasy movie about a 13-year-old boy and young girl stranded on a mystical island.  Together they go on a quest to find their way home. Will they be able to find their way in between those ghostly creatures? Or there are some more mysteries that are yet to come out?


Along with the Gods (2017)

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Based on a webtoon of the same, Along with the Gods is a Korean action-fantasy film about a firefighter’s journey in the afterlife. It’s a soul-stirring journey for 49 days after passing 7 trials and several hurdles with the help of 3 guardians. Though it’s quite predictable, its emotional journey with a touch of comic elements makes it worth watching!

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