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Mollywood, the malyalam film industry, is one of the most critically acclaimed film industry of our country. The industry has been regularly churning out critically acclaimed entertainers.

If you are a malyalam movie buff or a cinephile looking the explore the space, you need to look no further than Amazon Prime.

Here’s our top 10 picks from the streaming platform’s collection.

1. Virus (2019)


Genre : Thriller/Drama

Imdb : 8/10

The state of Kerala faces a tremendous outbreak of the life threatening Nipah Virus. However, a group of courageous individuals risk their lives in an attempt to curb the epidemic.

This malyalam film couldn’t have been more relevant than it is today. Virus inspires a sense of awe at the realisation of how much goes behind the scenes in curbing an epidemic.

With its multi-strand, non-linear narrative style, hyperlinking back and forth from one thread to another, the makers have the film trotting along at an unrelenting yet simutaneously miraculously unrushed pace.

You should definitely give this film a watch, not only for its relevance but also for its cinematic experience.

2. Kumbalangi Nights (2019)

Malyalam film

Genre : Drama/Romance

Imdb : 8.6/10

Saji, Bonny, Bobby and Franky are siblings who mostly do not get along. However, a series of events forces them to keep their animosity aside and support each other.

Kumbalangi Nights give all its characters a depth. This gives the actors a chance to deliever. All of them unfailingly do it in this charming movie, directed by first-timer Madhu C Narayanam.

The first half of the movie starts as character-driven while in the second half plot takes over; kudos to all that both work very well and gives us a film that is well woryh a watch.

3. Unda (2019)

Malyalam film

Genre : Action/Comedy

Imdb : 8/10

A team of freshly trained policemen from Kerala, reach a Maoist-prone area for election duty. However, they must defend themselves from an attack without adequate ammunition.

Unda was shot on location in Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Kerala. The DoP Sajith work keeps viewers on edge without being obviously manipulative.

It is a slice-of-life saga that reads like pages out of the diary of one of these men. Khalidh Rehman steers clears of the formulae that such films ususally resort to.

It is an engaging and enjoyable watch.

4. Helen (2019)


Genre : Drama

Imdb : 7.7/10

Helen, a young nurse, wishes to relocate to Canada. However, things take an ugly turn when she does not return home from work and suddenly disappears.

With good writing, beautiful frames and excellent music, the director has packaged this story in an impressive manner. As the tension mounts in the story, you can feel your heart beating faster and you start to feel for those involved.

Helen is the kind of the film that starts affecting you slowly and shakes up totally by the time the end titles start rolling.

5. Ayyappanum Koshiyam (2020)

Malyalam film

Genre : Drama/Thriller

Imdb : 7.9/10

Ayyappan is a police officer who clashes with Havildar Koshi, a man with a motive. Neither side is willing to budge in what becomes a battle of the egos.

With a tight script and good dialogues, Sachy has packaged this one completely, which makes the viewer entertained throughout the runtime. The visuals by Sudeep Elamon, music by Jakes Bejoy, along with solid performances by Prithviraj and Biju Menon, add to the effect in a big way.

It is a highly engaging drama.

6. Jallikattu (2019)

Malyalam film

Genre : Drama/Thriller

Imdb : 7.7/10

Kalan Varkey, a butcher, faces a lot of trouble when a buffalo he was supposed to slaughter goes astray . Subsequently, buffalo causes chaos in a remote village.The movie is based on a story by S Hareesh titled Maoist.The performances are molded to suit the imagination of the director. The actors have done their role in a dedicated manner.

Jallikatu is one of those films which will leave the viewers spellbound.

7. Iyobinte Pusthakam (2014)

Malyalam film

Genre : Drama/Adventure

Imdb : 7.8/10

Returning home after the war to meet his family, Aloshi discovers that his brothers are working as henchmen for a local businessman and plotting against their father.

The story, spanning some decades, has been developed mixing history and fiction. And there are no efforts to hide the stance of its makers when it comes to politics and their version of history.

One of the many highlights of the malyalam film is the superb casting and their performances. Every actor has put their heart and soul into their characters.

Iyobinte Pusthakam takes Malyalam cinema to an altogether different league, it is a must watch by all means.

8. Joseph (2018)


Genre : Drama/Thriller

Imdb : 8.1/10

Following the death of his ex-wife, a retired police officer, who is known for his investigative prowess, unexpectedly gets pulled into a criminal case involving organ harvesting.

Joju’s directorial Joseph is a brilliantly crafted investigative thriller. The movie has suspense, emotion and mysteries. The scriptwriter has to be appreciated for giving Malayalam cinema an interesting tale with a seious message on the crime racket prevalent in the country.

It is a must watch for all thriller fanatics.

9. Trance (2020)


Genre : Action/Drama

Imdb : 7.2/10

At a time when religion is the new drug, Anwar Rasheed’s Trance is sure to strike a chord with those blinded by faith, the freethinkers and the sceptics. The film, after all is about a fake pastor, who is just a front for the business operations of corporates to mint money using faith as driving force.

However, highlighting fact is film’s consistent  solid performances and amazing cinematography. Amal Neerad’s cinematography especially in the scenes in Kanyakumari and Mumbai breathes an extra whiff of fresh air.

Trance is an enjoyable and eclectic watch.

10. Ambili (2019)


Genre : Drama/Comedy

Imdb : 7/10

Ambili, a naive and wide eyed young man, is adored by everyone for his quirky traits. He hopes to marry his childhood love, Tina. Moreover, he aspires to  restore the lost bond with his friend and Tina’s brother Bobby.

The film’s highlight is its casting. The acting by the cast which comes as a breath of fresh air.

Ambili is a feel good film, that is definitely worth a watch.

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