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Bombay is indeed the city of dreams. And what can be more exciting about Bombay than its culture, and language. And so exciting are Marathi films. Over the years, Marathi cinema has established a reputation of it, in the country. And thus, the following list that we are showing you is a list. Of some of the finest and some make you feel good Marathi films during this quarantine.


In this 21st Century, and people have become vocal about their relationships with their partners. Muramba is one such tale of a couple who’ve introduced their partners to the parents. It is sweet and beautiful to see, as it opens up on a lot of topics.


Well, I don’t think I’ll need to talk about this masterpiece from Nagraj Manjule. This is a story of a lower caste boy, who falls for an upper caste girl. They abscond from the patriarchal village. But soon they discover the miserable realities of the urban world.  Sairat is beautiful, and intense.


Remember those days, when you’d visit your village. And hang out with your friends amidst the innate greenery and soothing breeze? A boy’s mother is transferred to a village. This village is where the boy makes friends, and learns a great deal about the life. It is a story of friendship, compassion, loyalty and virtues.


What happens when four directors met together to make an anthological story about love, frustration, sexuality and music?  Bioscope comes out in the result. It is directed by Viju Mane, Girish Mohite, Gajendra Ahite, Ravi Jadhav.

Katyar  Kalijat Ghusali

Katyar Kalijat Ghusali means, ‘Stabbed through the Chest’. A tale of the king of Vishrampur when he organizes a competition of singing. He declares that the winner will be awarded. But then, that maestro Pandit Bhanu is challenged by a stranger. His name was Khanasaheb Aftab. This film stars Shankar Mahadeva, and Sachin Pilgaonkar in the lead.


Ganpat Bewalkar, a retired actor,  was highly revered for his Shakespearean performances,. But he is now left estranged by his children after the property was bifurcated. Their ungratefulness leaves them at the bottom. Natsamrat stars Nana Patekar in the lead, as we see his splendid performance in this film.


Director Nagraj Manjule made Fandry before Sairat. This is the same story of a lower caste boy falling for an upper caste girl, but Fandry has a different rendition though. It is innate and pure that we see the caste system overtaking the charge over love.

Harishchandrachi Factory

A man in 1900s, named Dadasaheb Phalke made India’s first movie. When Harishchandra released, he became widely famous. After which, he was called as father of Indian cinema.   Harishchandrachi Factory is the story of Phalke. And his journey and ordeal to make India’s first movie, Raja Harishchandra.

Faster Fene

BaneshFene is preparing for his medical exam. He likes law. But he studies chemicals on youtube. His friend is murdered in a mysterious case. And so he takes the responsibility of finding the killer in his hands. But as he delves deeper, he finds out revealing conspiracies. Faster Fene is thrilling and interesting. It is filled with exciting action sequences.

Bucket List

It’s been a while that we’ve seen actress Madhuri Dixit, on a big screen with a prominent role. She plays a mother in Bucket List. Her heart is transplanted from a donor. She decides that she’d tick all of her donor’s bucket list wishes. And thus, this film is a roller coaster of emotions and entertainment.


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