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Breathe is one of those terrific web series which entered the space of thriller web series for the first time. Like Sacred Games, Breathe also won the heart of a large number of viewers all over India. The intriguing thrilling plot, amazing acting and unique storyline kept the audience on the edge always. Moreover, the superb dialogues and scenes are providing fodder for hilarious memes on various social media platforms till now.

Let’s dive into some amazing memes from Breathe that we are loving a lot!

Just Otaku Things!

Only anime lovers will understand the pain.

memes from breathe

India’s unemployment rate says Hi!!

How do we wish it was that easy, right?

memes from breathe

Every non-kpop fan ever

Well, not everyone can appreciate good music.


Reality says sike

Crush: compliments you

Me: (internally screaming, jumping, crying) Thank you

Crush: Mention not. You are my cute friend

Crashed into reality…The End.


Once in a blue moon happiness

amazon prime

Biggest clownery ever

Kon hai yeh friends? Kahan se ate hain aise friends?

web series

Just Sibling things!

Sis: praises you a lot. blah blah blah

Me: (Sherlock mode on) What does this stupid want now?

prime web series

Still searching the benefits of growing up…


These are some of the relatable memes from Breathe that are rocking the social media platforms. If you have more, leave them in the comment section.

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