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Eros Now is becoming one of the famous OTT media service platforms in India. This platform is growing popular among viewers due to its unlimited collection of Bollywood movies, music, and exclusive regional contents. Apart from these TV shows and movies, Eros now is also providing exciting web series or Originals of various genres. Also, it attracts a huge number of global viewers due to its availability in different languages. However, unlike other platforms, you can find Eros Now web series in two sections: Eros Now Quickie and Originals.

Let’s look at some of the best Eros Now web series that you can binge-watch this weekend:



Eros Now web series

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Flip is an anthology of four short stories, each telling a thrilling tale that will definitely blow away your mind.  Each story, The Hunt, Bully, Massage and Happy Birthday has a turning point in the life of the characters which flips their life upside down. This Eros Now web series revolves around the emotions of love, friendship, conceit, helplessness, and cruelty in the dystopian world. Thus, this dark and mysterious dystopian thriller keeps you on the edge accompanied by a lot of mind flipping moments.



Eros Now

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Enaaya is a musical drama that revolves around the life of college students and their passion for music. It tells the story of an independent girl Enaaya and her endeavour in the popular band of the college. From love, friendship, family drama to rivalry, conflicts, and ambitions, this has everything you want in a college drama. However, the more you explore this web series, the more you will get to know that is beyond normal college romance dramas.


The Investigation

web series

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This crime thriller web series tells us the story of a genius cop whose life flips due to a murder case. This Eros Now web series is not like those normal cop dramas that keep revolving around the murderer. The Investigation makes you doubt each and every character including the cop himself. It deals with the human emotions dominating one’s actions and the conflicts in their mind as a social person. The dark and mysterious plot hooks you until the end.


Metro Park

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Metro Park is a simple comedy that explores the life of a Gujarati family residing in Metro Park in America. No matter how many years they have spent in America but their heart still belongs to India. This web series focuses on the bonding, and love between family members, and the disputes due to the age gap and upbringing between parents and children. Also, it takes a dig into both American and Indian culture and portrays it with lots of fun, humour, and irony.




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Smoke is a popular Eros Now web series which explores the corrupted Goa drowned in dark network of drugs. With drugs and its illegal business comes mafias, the struggle for power, gangsters, love, and rivalry. This crime thriller is one of those few web series which portrays the corruption blatantly out there in the underbelly of Goa. Especially, it focuses on the power struggle between the big drug cartels of Goa and their destruction.


Modi: Journey of a common man

web series

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This Eros Now web series is a very well researched biography on the life of our very own Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi. It focuses on his life from his childhood, endeavours as a politician and his rise in politics to become the honourable Prime Minister of India. This web series is not only well researched and executed but also successful in providing the inspiration one needs as a struggling common man in India.

If you are looking for web series to binge-watch this weekend, then go for these amazing shows on Eros Now

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