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Voot is one of the famous video streaming platforms in India. It is becoming a popular destination among movie and drama buffs. Apart from the movies and TV series from Colors, MTV, etc, it also offers web series of quality content. The TV shows and its easily accessible Originals are making it one of the largest growing media networks in our country. Also, you can find the shows on Voot available in different languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, etc

So, let’s dig into some best Voot web series that you can binge-watch this weekend :


It’s Not That Simple

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It’s Not That Simple is the journey of self-discovery of a woman who is stuck being ‘just a wife’ within her family. Being an adult and trapped in the same old monotonous life, we keep forgetting our young, free and independent self. What if one day the past knocks on your door in the most amusing way?  This is exactly what happens with Mira when she gets an invitation for her school reunion. Thus, this Voot web series explores the life of Mira who breaks the chains of patriarchy to live a self-sufficient life without any compromises.


Fuh Se Fantasy


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Fuh Se Fantasy showcases the desires and fantasies of young people in relationships in the modern generation. This Voot web series explores the secret fetishes and inner desires which one can’t easily talk about in public. However, it is not some creepy erotic drama but portrays the adventures of this kind of issues related to fantasies which people usually tend to hide. They dealt with this in a very bold and sensitive manner.


Shaadi Boys

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This show tells us the chaotic story of three boys, Neil, Nitin, and Mukesh who decides to start a Shaadi business. This takes you on a hilarious journey and adventures of these three men after they get their big break in a big fat Indian wedding. Confusion and chaos unfold when the bride herself falls in love with one of them. However, apart from the humour, this web series also satirizes the extravaganza of Indian weddings and the importance of relationships.


Time Out


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Time Out showcases the dysfunctional modern-day relationships we usually come across nowadays. It revolves around the life of happily married couple Rahul and Radha whose world overturned due to sudden pregnancy announcement. This Voot web series perfectly portrays the early midlife crisis and conflicts between wants and duties a modern man faces in this modern society. It takes you on an emotional and bumpy ride of realistic urban life and relationships.




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Untag revolves around the life of 6 individuals who have to deal with certain critical tags imposed upon them by society. It also explores their struggles, dreams, and ambitions while trying to get rid of the judgemental labels on them. This web series is quite a refreshing take on life which teaches us to believe in ourselves and go beyond our unwanted tags such as gay, fat, bitch and so on. Thus, it’s ok to be different. All we have to do is work hard and embrace our life without thinking about unnecessary things.

If you are looking for web series to binge-watch this weekend, then go for these refreshing shows on Voot.

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