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Are you a fan of some of the classic TV sitcoms like The Office, Friends and How I met your Mother? The lockdown period can be pretty hard sometimes. And one needs to jolly up a bit. Well then, here we are presenting you the list of some of the best comedy series that you’d love to binge watch right now.

High Maintenance

Ben Sinclair plays a drug dealer, who goes around on his bicycle to sell marijuana to people. All the episodes are unique and he meets a new character where they have an adventure of life. He makes appearances in their lives to make a presence of the existing vibrance and colorful life.

Cobra Kai

Remember the 80s Karate Kid? Well they’re old now, Johnny Lawrence isn’t bad guy anymore. After the tournament of ’84, things have changed, and he’s teaching karate to kids. But he meets Daniel LaRusso too seek redemption as he opens again Cobra Dojo. Cobra Kai is funny, and takes us back to the same charm it had 36 years ago.


A bunch of employees work in a superstore, and they face challenges everyday. As they deal with customers, and those challenges, they also have to manage their personal lives. Superstore is hilarious as it takes on to the funny side of the society.


An assassin while on a quest to kill the victim, accidentally discovers his interest in acting. What follows is stuffed sets of fun and assassinations as Barry deals with both his work and interest. Barry is a dark comedy show, and is eerily filled with laughter.

The Tick

In a world of superheroes and villains, Arthur finds himself deepened into the mysteries as he discovers that the global supervillain is still alive. However, no one believes him. What follows is an action packed terror of laugh as the superheroes venture out to defeat the supervillain.

Dead Like Me

When people are dead, they are offered the job of collecting souls as they sent back to the living world. Georgia, who was 18 and unhappy with her life, died under a flaming space debris. She finds it dull again to go back to the world of living. ‘Dead Like Me’ is a unique concept with a touch of sweetness to it, as they give life the meaning of death. It is filled with laughter as it takes the audience through its morbid humor.

You’re the worst

The best anti romantic comedy, when two innately horrible person decide to date and when they break up it is a roller coaster of rivalry. They go through ego clashes and eventually try to make their life a mess. It is hilarious and would definitely tickle your funny bone with its nerve-racking comedy.


When John Dorian joins a hospital as an intern he was excited. But eventually he finds himself in a relationship with the staff as he learns about the profession, its values and life. Scrubs is rib-tickling as its takes us through the hospital’s discipline and silence. It is a must watch.

Working moms

A group of women who are mothers, are united as they join a judgmental mommies’ group. Eventually they get to know each other and share their experiences of the urban motherhood.Taking a humor and witty turn at the lives of mothers, Working Moms is funny and heart warming at the same time.

Don’t Trust the B—-in Apartment 23

Newly arrived, June Colbrun moves in to New York to pursue her dream job. But things turn out to be different when she finds out that her roommate is a con artist. This show is excellent and bizzare, and is one of the funniest shows every. We see the typical girl fight in this as June survives through episodes of life and her roommate.


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