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Controversy has now become a distinctive and prevalent genre for Bollywood movies. Many films released in the last few decades came under the radar of huge scandals and conjecture. Listing down eight such films that flaked huge controversies before and after their releases:

Bandit Queen

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Bandit Queen is considered to be one of the masterpieces of Bollywood. In spite of receiving several international acclaims, the movie received a cold shoulder at its own homeland. The Censor Board of India imposed several sanctions on the movie for the use of excessive foul language and explicit sexual content. Further, resentment expressed by Phoolan Devi, the woman on whose life the movie was based, made things difficult. However, the film went on to win numerous accolades including National Award for its storyline, acting, and direction.


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Amu is a 2005 drama film set against the backdrop of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Under Shonali Bose‘s direction, Konkona Sen stars as an Indian American woman who finds a terrifying reality regarding her origin. The movie faced several threats from local goons for its depiction of the riots. Further, the Censor Board made numerous audio cuts before its theatrical release. If this wasn’t enough, the production house backed out and the makers decide to release the movie directly to DVD.


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Deepa Mehta’s 1996 Fire itself came under fire. The movie was the first of its kind in Bollywood to talk about same-sex relationships. Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi played young lovers in an orthodox society. Post the release, a political group in Mumbai stormed into theatres burning the posters of the film, driving away from the audiences and causing other property damage. Similar incidents happened in few other parts of India like Delhi and Surat. As a result, frightened distributors shut down it’s screening. However, the movie released once again with necessary legal aid.



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Another Deepa Mehta movie that received a huge backlash. The 2003 social drama Water starred John Abraham and Lisa Ray and highlighted the slights of childhood widows in Varanasi. Right since its filming, protestors gathered sets to vandalize it and even organized suicide protests. However, Deepa helplessly premiered the movie in Sri Lanka and released it subsequently with a different cast and false title River Moon.

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