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Breathe (2018-)


Release Date: 26 January 2018.

Number of episodes: 8.



Amit Sadh

Hrishikesh Joshi

Sapna Pabbi,

Atharva Vishwakarma

Neena Kulkarni.

Directed by: Mayank Sharma





Official Trailer Season 1

About the series

Amazon Prime presents its second original web series, ‘Breathe’. A 2018 crime drama, it aired its 1st season with 8 episodes. The boundless love of a parent is explored as the main theme in the show.

How far can you go for the ones you love? A parent, in pursuit to save the life of his ailing son, can (by his belief) even be a monster if necessary. The show depicts thrill, and drama, with a dark perception taking over the pureness of love.

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Danny Mascarenhas (R Madhavan) is a single dad to his 6-year old son, Josh. The story’s action is set in motion when it is revealed that Josh is suffering from congenital lung disease.

The son has to say 6 months to live, more or less (“The rate of lung damage has increased rapidly,” as the doctor so proclaims in the trailer). Josh is then put up as number four on the list to get a new lung, as it’s hard to get AB- blood group donors.

Breathe BT

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Danny, as a parent, is deeply hurt to hear his son say “I don’t want to die” or to see his health deteriorating. Clock’s ticking, Josh needs an organ transplant ASAP.  What will the father do? (Similarly, the show points the question towards the audience- What would YOU do? – a running theme of dilemma in Danny, staring right at us)

Here the show’s viewers witness a monstrous transformation in Danny, the man who’s ready to risk it all. He plans an elaborate, and systematic way to – catch this – literally murder the four organ donors on the list.

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On the other side is Kabir (Amit Sadh), a brilliant senior inspector of the Crime Branch, who doesn’t play by the books. Although his own life is full of struggles, the cop tries to connect the dots of seemingly unrelated events (murders) of certain organ donors. He uses his deduction skills to solve the case, aiming to stop at nothing until he catches the murderer.

What works?

What doesn’t work?

The Acting

Amit Sadh works wonders with his character portrayal of a violent, alcoholic officer. His presence on screen certainly gave the required texture the story needed, and it works well in his favour.

Amit Sadh in Breathe

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Breathe’ does amazing with its brilliant cast. Since apart from Amit Sadh, there’s also R. Madhavan, playing the lead role. Needless to stay, the actor was amazing in his role as a desperate father. The insights he brought to his character allowed the viewers to stay with the show until the end.

The Theme

The idea behind the web series is well laid-out and keeps us interested in the show. What drives the characters to do what they do? What brought the change in Danny, a loving and well-mannered man? The theme of desperation, corruption in one’s moral belief system, and a reflection on what goes within a man’s psyche to go at extreme lengths are moulded well in the show and its main character.


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The Writing

The character arcs of Danny and Kabir are given a distinctive, unique, yet similar shape. They both are driven by desperation, in a different context to each. Most importantly, the way their characters are written, and the way they drive the show forward, makes ‘Breathe’  a fascinating watch. The show sure deals with a heavy subject matter, but its as compelling as ever. It asks us to invest, and oh how the investment pays off!

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The Technicality

However planned or systematic the murders seem, they sure aren’t that easy, real, or technically possible to pull off. Not that we are experts in crime, or wanna plan a murder anytime soon, nope. But even in the universe, this show takes place, the high possibility of CCTV cameras and surveillance in the areas of crime scenes, won’t allow Danny to play murderer that easy. As a result, some aspects of ‘crime’ in the show don’t make much sense.

R. Madhavan in Breathe season 2

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In the Indian web-series landscape, Breathe‘s arrival is one of a kind. The show stays on its direction to provide intact, and well-curated narratives surrounding a man’s despair, and desperation to save his son from the clutches of death. Want to experience a thrilling journey of crime and intrigue, that carries the power to captivate you throughout its first season? Well, ‘Breathe’ says hi.

Breathe is available for streaming on Amazon Prime

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