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Moments from Indian web series that spoke to millennial souls

Since the past few years,we have observed an upward trajectory in the popularity of online streaming platforms featuring the best contents we’ve ever seen! We’ve come across moments where we we’ve learner so much from the characters itself. We’ve come across characters that inspire us to do better.In this blog we would be showcasing the best moments from popular Indian web series that spoke to millennial souls!


1) PITCHERS (TVF) -2015

The spirit is important.

How can we forget this gem? TVF PITCHERS took the internet by storm shortly after it was released. Although this series teaches millennial minds many things ,Keeping up the spirit is one of them. Yogendra kumar, played by Arunabh Kumar says ‘To be an entrepreneur,you don’t need to know it’s spelling’!


Pure motivation.

Another gem! This TVF Original amazed everyone and every age group with its spectacular direction and story-line. It talks about the struggles, friendship,hard work and dedication that a student faces in Kota,a hub for premier coaching institutes for IIT/JEE.Jeetu,the professor teaches us many things. This show is relatable to all Millennial souls in one way or another. According to him,If you’re the smartest in the class,you’re in the wrong class.

It's important to understand the needs.

This amazingly directed series taught us the meaning of relationships.In this scene,the characters are seen talking about the importance of letting the other one grow into something meaningful, because that’s important.And our hearts melted right there!


True love does exist!

A big break for Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh,This light headed series is a perfect cocktail filled with romance,fights and the realities of a live in relationship.The lines shown above by Tanu indicates that even though fights happen,it’s worth it when you’re with the right person.This is a very important lesson for the millennial souls.


The three W's

Although,this series completely focused on the life of ‘Vipul Goyal’,a brilliant stand-up comedian based in Mumbai,India,it has a brilliant set of characters in it as well.Bhushi,Vipul’s best friend in the show,is just another photocopy of our favorite,Joey Tribbiani, from Friends.He has three very important principles.The three W’s.