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Name: Chaman Bahaar

Release Date: 19 June 2020

Available on: Netflix

Director: Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann

Cast: Jitendra Kumar(Jeetu), Ritika Badiani, Alam Khan

About the Story:

A young man, Billu opens a paan shop only to seek out that his business runs dry when there’s a change within the district limits of his village. But his fortunes turn when a family moves into the house opposite his shop because their young teenage daughter soon catches the flamboyant of all the lads in a small town of Chhatisgarh. 

Chaman Bahaar


After Gulabo Sitabho, the film ‘Chaman Bahar Review’ has been released today digitally on Netflix. The film was also made for theatrical release but due to the lockdown, the film is reaching the audience through a digital medium. Chaman Bahar throws light on how women are treated as an object in most villages of India.

Chaman Bahaar

Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann, who has also written the screenplay of the film, tries to place in various layers to the current “love story.” He talks about poverty, poor people being political pawns, cancer, police brutality, and harassment. For you to truly get a taste of this amalgamation, you would like to possess patience. There also are quick sequences that may not mean much but are really witty in hindsight. The movie is supported by clever writing.

Chaman Bahaar

Talking about acting, Jitendra Kumar has once again been the best. He specializes in capturing the pulse of small-town youth. Bhuvan and Dhirendra pair a different color in the film. Their dialogue or chemistry are both excellent. There was nothing special to do for actress Ritika. The song is in harmony with the music story. The film’s Chhattisgarhi dialogue makes realistic characters more realistic.

Chaman Bahaar

Speaking of authenticity, the design and feel of the film are so on-point, the dialect is idealand also the humor is as required. Nobody seems like an actor, they appear like they belong. the sole person who looks out of place is Rinku, which is because she is created to seem that way. the lads fall crazy for her because she is an idolized and aspirational example of sophistication and sweetness for them. that’s a quite genius advance on the director’s part.



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