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Voot’s new court room drama series stars Neha Sharma and Piyush Mishra. Illegal is a court drama about Niharika Singh, an idealistic lawyer. Janardan Jaitley hires her in his firm in New Delhi. She tries to navigates through the trouble of life in the midst of finding reality among the mountain of lies. Illegal emphasizes her battle, as she tackles two cases at a time. The shady characters and their back stories makes it more intriguing. Even with week writing and direction, show manages to leave a lasting impact on the viewers. It’s intriguing plot and brilliant acting makes this show a must watch. However, one thing that shined the most is dialogues of Illegal. Series have many dialogues that will leave a mark on you and force you to ponder more about it.

Here are the best thought provoking dialogues of Illegal .
1.  We all are part of God’s jigsaw puzzle

Illegal Dialogue 1

2. Once corrupted, remains corrupted

Corruption- Illegal

3. All the emotional nonsense is part of life.

Emotional - dialogue

4. We cannot judge who is right and wrong.

right and wrong- Illegal Dialogue

5. Even if she just says No, it means No.

6. Even prisoners have the right to live.

Right to live, Illegal Dialogue

7. You are not afraid of love, you are afraid of the responsibility that comes with it.

Responsibility of love- Illegal Dialogue

8. But some wants are good

Some wants are good

9. Knowing someone from childhood is not their character certificate.

10. Our hearts are like roots of trees and some feelings take roots deeper than the others.

11. Relationships are like plants, without love they wilt away.

Illegal Dialogue 7


12. You have every right to look for your happiness.

13. We are bigger than our problems.

Illegal Dialogue 2

14. Everyone carries their pwn burden of past and pain.

Burden Of Past Illegal Dialogue

15. Destiny can be a strange story-teller.

Destiny - Illegal Dialogue

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