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Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala
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Name: Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala

Released On: September 3, 2019

Available On: ALT Balaji and Zee5

No. of seasons: 1

No. of Episodes: 12

Written By: Doris Dey and Jaya Mishra

Directed By: Pradeep Sarkar

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Divyanka Tripathi


‘Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala’ is a 2019 romantic drama created by Ekta Kapoor. The show marked the digital debut of Divyanka Tripathi. Similarly, Rajeev Khandelwal had his second association with the platform post ‘Haq Se’ (2018). The story focusses on an estranged couple, their bitterness against each other and how fate reconnects them after eight years.

The show is narrated through a series of flashbacks. Nithya (Tripathi) and Vikram (Khandelwal) are aspiring chefs from Bhopal. Nithya is an ambitious and restrained woman. On the other hand, Vikram is a jovial and carefree man. He falls for Nithya in the very first instance. He further goes on to join the same institute where Nithya pursues Hotel Management to woo her. Both flourish as talented chefs during the course of their training.

Cold lassi aur chicken masala

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Nithya pays the utmost attention to her dishes. She measures every ingredient before adding it to her broth and demands perfection. Vikram teaches her to let go of scales and cook wholeheartedly. He says one can never go wrong with the heart and thus practices the same in his cookery. In no time, the duo hit it off as friends. However, Nithya soon reciprocates Vikram’s feelings after being enchanted by his liveliness and innocence. Vikram acts as the spice to Nithya’s sweetness. Hence, the title acts as symbolism to the nature of our lead pair.

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Nithya soon marries Vikram and moves in with him. Vikram’s mother, however, expresses partial disappointment to this union since Nithya is a headstrong woman. Everything between the newly-weds goes fine until differences of opinion arise among them. Nithya dreams of going to Paris to pursue a higher culinary experience. Vikram, though supportive, starts taking everything lightly. He spends Nithya’s savings for their Paris education behind materialistic pleasures. This infuriates Nithya and the duo engage in a major verbal spat. Vikram, intoxicated after the incident, makes a major mistake that stands unforgivable in front of Nithya. As a result, she walks out of her marriage while having conceived Vikram’s child.

Nithya starts a new life and works as the Head Chef in a restaurant in Mumbai. Her only source of happiness is her son Vivaan. She enjoys the company of Tanvi (Madhu Sena) at work while Karan Kapadia (Priyanshu Chatterjee), a famous writer, is her biggest confidante. Karan crushes upon Nithya but fears to confess it to her.

Priyanshu Chatterjee and Divyanka Tripathi

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When Nithya’s restaurant incurs losses,  a famous chef who has acquired 2 Michelin stars buys it. To her utter disbelieve, it turns out to be Vikram. Vikram is a hotshot chef who has come to revamp the restaurant where Nithya works. Nithya accuses him of having stalked her and come to snatch her child. She misunderstands him on several occasions and even tries to resign. However, the restaurant owner Revati (Manini Mishra) convinces Nithya upon rethinking her decision. The ex-lovers, initially leave no stone unturned to humiliate each other while working together simultaneously.

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However, things get better the night Nithya stays back in Vikram’s house due to a curfew. She learns how Vikram never moved on and cares for his son. That very night, a fling develops between Tanvi and Vikram’s close friend Kayzad (Mrinal Dutt). Vikram had suggested Kayzad visit Tanvi and Vivaan and inquire about their well-being amidst the curfew.

Things had just begun to resolve between the divorcees when Vikram grows close to Vivaan. Yet again, Nithya misunderstands him of secretly meeting their child. However, she realizes that Vikram has an equal right over their child and allows him to babysit Vivaan. Further, she decides on moving on with her life and accepts Karan’s proposal of going on a date with him.

Meanwhile, Kayzad and Tanvi grow feelings for each other and their casual relationship takes a serious turn. The show ends suspiciously portraying Nithya’s lovemaking with a man whose face isn’t revealed. The plot thereby hints of a possible sequel to showcase the gradual development of the storyline.


The show is a modern take on divorced relationships. This has been portrayed not only through Nithya and Vikram but also through the cordial bond between Karan and his ex-wife. Two of them are seen to be good friends even after their divorce. Hie ex-wife even suggests him on approaching Nitya.

The female characters are bold and independent. Both Nithya and Tanvi do not let themselves be bounded by the control of a man. Nithya doesn’t succumb to infidelity while Tanvi doesn’t let a man define her happiness.

Divyanka Tripathi as Nithya

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Rajeev Khandelwal never fails to display his finesse on screen. Divyanka too stepped out of her mainstream characters and played Nithya confidently. The chemistry between the leads is magnetic. The concept is fresh and the cinematography is promising. The soundtrack of the show is addictive. Furthermore, every episode is named after a particular dish which makes it more appealing. The makers could have, however, worked more on the storyline.

A still from the show

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What works: Production design and screenplay

What doesn’t work: Loopholes in the storyline

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommended: Yes


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