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Aafat is a comedy-drama criticizing the conservative notions of society. This MX Player series focuses on the stereotypes of marriage and the idea of bride shopping through the flaws of five girls. They humoured the flaws made by our patriarchal society to look out for a ‘perfect bride’. Moreover, the refreshing cast and their comical take on matchmaking business in India is quite applaudable. Consequently, its amusing and powerful dialogues are becoming more and more popular among the viewers.

Let’s look at some of the amazing dialogues from Aafat that will make your day better:

Time to stop “Log kya kahenge?” from dominating our lives.

dialogues from Aafat

Life Lesson 101


Faiza holding up the mirror to the hypocrisy of society

People love and admire movies like Taare Zameen Par. But these are the same people who are always ready to take away the student’s freedom. They never hesitate to constrict them in the stupid education system of India.

dialogues from aafat

Faiza summing up the education system of India

web series

The struggles of every other art student in India

mx player

A big slap to the age-old idea of bride shopping

Women are not objects who will groom themselves according to someone else’s desire. It’s high time people come out of these stereotypical concepts and let people live freely.

mx player show

Time to introduce the actual Aafat of our society

web shows

The actual beauty is what lies inside a person

Physical beauty will fade away with time. It is the inner beauty which stays forever. Thus, people need to appreciate it more.


These are some of the powerful dialogues from Aafat which we are loving a lot! If you still haven’t watched this refreshing bold series, then go for it this weekend.

All the pics are screenshots taken from MX Player and edited further.

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