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Mirzapur explores the lawless and corrupt world of mafias and crime overlords in the heart of North India. With mafias and guns follows violence, gun trades, bloodshed, love, rivalry, corrupt politicians and government officials. Due to its gripping plot, amazing script, and badass dialogues, it is grabbing the attention of viewers all over India. Moreover, the cast and crew successfully portray the intense and engaging scenarios to keep you on the edge till the end. Mirzapur is not like those familiar crime thriller plot that you come across often. They add a new shade to the age-old mafia movies in Bollywood.

Let’s look at the dialogues from Mirzapur that are quite bold and stirring:

Kaleen bhaiya dropping truth bombs

dialogues from mirzapur


The ultimate funda of Netagiri



Bablu Bhaiya outshines everyone, literally everyone out there.

He is the only sane person in the entire series who actually thinks rationally. So, huge respect for him.

dialogues from Mirzapur


Meme worthy humour


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Right on spot!!

Amazon Prime show


We wish politicians could actually follow this till the end. Sigh!!

web series


Time to face reality

Amazon Prime web series


Kaleen Bhaiya strikes back!

crime thriller


A significant life lesson. Isn’t it?

web series

These are some of the powerful and humourous dialogues from Mirzapur that we are loving nowadays. Also, Mirzapur season 2 is confirmed, can’t wait to binge-watch!!

All the pics are screenshots taken from Amazon Prime and edited further.

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