(Last Updated On: 7 May, 2020)

Sacred Games is one of the most popular and exceptional Indian web series based on a novel of the same name. This focuses on the epic battle between a Mumbai cop and a cold-blooded gangster against the backdrop of Mumbai. Not only does this excels in script and acting, but also in music and direction exclusively.  The way they execute such bold scenarios while keeping the rawness of the plot intact is quite applaudable. Hats off to the fiery combo of Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane! Also, the intense, dark and powerful dialogues along with the gripping plot make ita must-watch crime thriller.

Let’s look back to some terrific dialogues from Sacred Games before the premiere of the most awaited Season 2 :


What Say? Time to think

dialogues from Sacred Games


And the bigger ‘Dhanda’ than Politics is Dharm

sacred games


Facts Only!!

dialogues from Sacred Games


The reality of our society

No one tries to know what’s inside as soon as they notice the outer beauty. Thus, everyone can’t grasp the truth of actual beauty.

Sacred Games


Daring: The ultimate key to one’s fortune or ruins

Netflix web series


The ultimate truth



Well, according to them, women are born to take care of house and kids only…

web series


Badass Gaitonde strikes back!

netflix original



triller web series


Oh Well!

Netflix quotes

These are some of the stirring dialogues from Sacred Games that we loved a lot!  Let’s reminiscence the moments from Season 1 before we dig into the most awaited Season 2 premiere on 15th August.


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