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Certain characters from the most famous web series become iconic. Their antics become memorable and audiences can relate every tiny detail they come across in real life to the reel life characters.

Every well-known character from a particular show or a famous web series has some unique traits and obsession towards certain items. Be it Monica’s OCD to keep everything around her clean or her very own Tara’s obsession towards scintillating designer outfits. Now, what if the characters got a platform to represent the thing they love? What if our favorite characters became the face of certain brands? What if they marketed products related to the trait that separates them from one another?

These actors might have received various endorsements in real. However, we wish to see their on-screen characters as ambassadors. Let’s check out our top picks and the brands they should be endorsing below:

  1. Give it up for the lady-killer from the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’:

Web series characters as brand ambassadors

2. Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel undoubtedly contributed to the rise in the sale of Diet Sodas:

web series


3. Comment ‘Bazinga’ if this was on your mind as well.

web series sheldon

4. Queen B runs the world in her customized pairs of Louboutin.

web series blair

5. Wonder where Archie gets his drool-worthy chiseled body from?


6. Does he know everything yet?

 jon snow

7. And now, time for our most favorite pick

ross geller

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