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AWe’ve all heard the Sorting Hat’s songs, and learned about the bravery of Gryffindor, the wit of Ravenclaw, the cunning of Slytherin, and the trustworthiness of Hufflepuff. But the houses are so much more than just their simplest traits. From the founders to the ghosts, the symbols to the rivalries, the history of each house is rich and complex, with J.K. Rowling’s usual attention to detail given to every aspect.For the fans and our trustworthy followers,we have gathered some fascinating facts about the infamous ‘Ravenclaw’.Here we go!

10) Ravenclaw – the element of air

J.K. Rowling has revealed that each of the houses is connected to one of the four elements of nature. Ravenclaw is associated with air. Fire is  for Gryffindor, Slytherin with water, and Hufflepuff with earth.

9) The Ravenclaw Common Room Is The Highest In Hogwarts

Each of the houses has a common room, an area for the students to relax, socialize, and study, one which is directly attached to the dorms.Each room is associated with the element of the house – Hufflepuff is underground, in the basement, and Ravenclaw Tower stretches into the sky. The Ravenclaw common room is known for having the best views of the Hogwarts grounds, and it’s found at the top of a high spiral staircase.

8) Ravenclaws Have A Riddle, Not A Password


Things are never that simple at Hogwarts, however, as this particular eagle is enchanted. In order to enter the room, students must answer a riddle posed by the eagle. This can often be time-consuming and irritating.Well,that’s magic!

7) A Ravenclaw Invented Floo Powder

Floo powder

The famous wandmaker Garrick Ollivander is a Ravenclaw, as is Ignatia Wildsmith, who invented floo powder. The invention of floo powder is particularly notable, as this transportation powder is much faster than traveling by broom, and doesn’t require a license, as apparating does.

6) One Famous ‘Ravenclaw’ Is Actually From Hufflepuff.

Ravenclaws are particularly proud of their famous and successful alumni. Infact, so much so that they may have occasionally taken credit for a witch or wizard who wasn’t technically a Ravenclaw.
Bridget Wenlock, a fabulously brainy witch who is known for her work in mathematics. Wenlock, born in the year 1202, was a genius at Arithmancy. It is the study of the magical properties of numbers and divination using them. It was Wenlock who first discovered the magical properties of the number seven.
Ravenclaw was assumed as her house . Although she is actually a Hufflepuff alum.

5) Moaning Myrtle Is Also A Ravenclaw

Myrtle Elizabeth Warren was a student of Hogwarts when Tom Riddle attended. When Chamber of Secrets was first opened she was killed.
Myrtle is one of the few famous Ravenclaws who is not famous for her connection to Rowena or her intelligence, but only because of the circumstances of her tragic death.

4) House Founder Rowena Ravenclaw Supposedly Died Of A Broken Heart.

The Hogwarts founder who created Ravenclaw house was the famed Rowena Ravenclaw. She was  a Scottish witch. 
Sadly, Rowena died a sad death, not long after her daughter, Helena, ran away. Some say that Rowena died of a broken heart, missing her daughter and destroyed by her treachery.

3) Helena Ravenclaw Was Killed By The Slytherin House Ghost.

Rowena was shattered after Helena ran away. She didn’t wanna believe whatever happened. Subsequently, She was heartbroken.
So she sent the Baron to go look for her.
The Baron, who was in love with Helena, found her in an Albanian forest. However, Helena refused to come home to Scotland with him. Furious at her refusal, the Baron murdered her on the spot, and then, overcome with remorse, turned his weapon on himself.

Later, the ghosts of the Baron and of Helena Ravenclaw returned to Hogwarts to become the ghosts of their respective houses.

2) Ravenclaw wasn’t the original name

In the Brazilian version, Ravenclaw became “Corvinal”, from the Portuguese word for raven, “corvo”. In French, it was translated to “serres d’aigle”, which is “Eagle’s claw”.

The most unusual translation, however, has to be the original Italian interpretation. It changed the house name to Pecoranera, which means black sheep! Later translations were changed again, to become Corvonero. It is a more accurate word which means black raven. Of course, this really shouldn’t have been altered at all, because it is a surname!

1) The mascot of Ravenclaw isn’t a Raven.

Every house at Hogwarts has an animal mascot. For instance, Slytherin has the serpent, Hufflepuff has the badger, and Gryffindor has the lion. Most people assume that Ravenclaw has a raven, but that’s not the case. In any case, the animal connected with Ravenclaw is actually an eagle.



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