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Name: Fittrat

Released On: 18 October 2019

Available On: ALT Balaji and Zee5

No. of seasons: 1

No. of Episodes: 15

Created By: Ekta Kapoor

Directed By: Santosh Singh

Cast: Krystle D’Souza, Aditya Seal, Anushka Ranjan


Fittrat is a 2019 romantic drama created by ALT Balaji. The series marks the digital debut of Krystle D’Souza. She is seen playing the protagonist Tarini Bisht. Tarini is a woman to aims to marry the richest man of town in order to acquire every material pleasure she wants to. Fittrat streams jointly on ALT Balaji and Zee5.

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Tarini is an ambitious girl hailing from Dehra Dun. She is raised by her father (Mohit Chauhan) whom she addresses by his first name Alok. When the family runs out of finances, Tarini’s father is left with no choice but to sell her deceased mother’s portrait. Tarini negotiates the portrait with a much higher price with the buyer and that’s where the foundation of her ambitions is built. She aspires to be insanely rich, so rich that she can possess everything she wishes for at one go.

Tarini and her father move to Mussoorie where she is admitted to the school where her father is appointed as a teacher. The girls of her class make fun of her due to her “middle-class” get up. But she is comforted by Amy aka Amrita Sareen. Amy is a rich woman who becomes Tarini’s backbone. She not only lets Tarini enjoy her rich clothes but also stands by her through thick and thin.

Krystle D’Souza as Tarini Bisht

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Years later the girls graduate from school and are drifted apart. Amy moves to her hometown Delhi and insists Tarini on being there. She feels Delhi is the right place for Tarini to fulfill her dreams. Tarini tops the entire state thereby achieving a gold medal in Journalism. She convinces her father on sending her to Delhi and embarks on her quest to find Amy.

However, on reaching Delhi she is unable to trace Amy (Anushka Ranjan) who is supposedly out of the country. Tarini takes up a small job at a newspaper agency and struggles with the challenges of the new city. Further, she visits an inhibited area and loses her job after being misunderstood. Devastated, she plans on leaving Delhi and returning to her father. Just then, Amy calls her up and apologizes for not being there. She invites her over and wholeheartedly welcomes her.

Fittrat (2018)
Anushka Ranjan and Krystle D’Souza in Fittrat

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Things take a turn when Amy’s fiance Veer Shergill (Aditya Seal) starts developing feelings towards Tarini. Tarini had initially set her eyes on marrying Amy’s brother Bunty to fulfill her dreams of getting a rich husband. She gets reluctant towards Veer’s advances and has no intention of snatching Amy’s happiness. Veer, who is pushed into engaging himself to Amy, falls in a dilemma. His career has been greatly supported by Amy’s father Tekchand Sareen but he just cannot get Tarini out of his mind. On the other hand, Tarini helps Bunty (Aru Krishnansh Verma) get over his fears and the latter falls in love with her in this process. He breaks off his engagement with Mallika Kapoor (Priyanka Bhatia) and proposes Tarini. Due to this, Tarini is despised by Amy’s mother Janki (Divya Seth), who calls her a ‘gold digger.’

Veer finds it hard putting up with Tarini’s behavior of not letting herself give in to his intoxication. He is now obsessed with her and plans to ruin her life. On his engagement day, he creates an alibi around Amy who misunderstands Tarini and cuts off from her. Tarini comes back to Mussoorie but avenges her dignity to Veer.

She returns to Delhi and joins the office of Daily News run by Arun Awasthy (Aditya Lal), Amy’s family friend. She comes across Veer again and overhears his conversation regarding the import of illegal consignment with Mallika’s father OP Kapoor (Govind Pandey). Tarini plans to delve deep into it. She writes a provocative article against the two and publishes it via Daily News. Further, with Bunty’s help, she gets to know about the agricultural land Veer has been exploiting to build his dream project. She humiliates him publically and plans to expose him via her channel.

Krystle D’Souza and Aditya Seal in the show

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Arun, who had been by her side all the while changes his colors. Teckchand Sareen (Kaizaad Kotwala) gives him enough money to repay his debts and Amy takes over as the new Editor of Daily News. Tarini is shattered. Veer and later Arun makes her realize how she is obsessed with the former and is unable to realize her feelings towards him.

On the night before Veer and Amy’s wedding, Tarini visits Veer and confesses her love. The duo is united and Veer abandons his wedding to Amy. As a result, he faces the wrath of Tekchand Sareen who exposes his fraud and hands him over to the police. A huge twist comes up when it is established that Tarini intentionally plays up with Veer to get him punished.

A still from the show

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Fittrat ends with Veer getting jailed, Amy visiting Tarini and resolving their differences after realizing that Veer never loved her. Tarini says she can give up on anything in the world for the sake of Amy. Tarini identifies the gold she has within herself. Lastly, with dedication and hard work, she achieves all that for herself she had always planned on.


Fittrat started off on a promising note but somewhat drifted away from its plot in the middle. However, the ending was executed well, Krystle D’Souza delivered an extremely impressive performance however Seal and Ranjan might have seemed to lack the luster in their characters. Seal’s character lacked a proper perspective for himself while Ranjan could have been more powerful. The cinematography was decent but the story lacked dynamism. The cinematography could have been more realistic since Tarini isn’t shown the way she should have been during her days of struggle. One cannot really relate to her. However, the music album of Fittrat is catchy and we are in awe of songs like “Naznina” and “Manmuradein.”

What works:  Krystle D’Souza’s Performance

What doesn’t work: Execution of certain characters and the screenplay

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommended: Yes


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