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Gaurav Arora is an actor, known for Love Games (2016), Raaz Reboot (2016) and Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side (2020).
And we had the luck to interview him in our latest session of Hitflix. Let’s peek into his life with this special interview – Candid!

So,what’s your lockdown routine?

Actually I’ve been really unproductive these days.I want to do a lot of things though.I have watched enough content available on online streaming platforms which I loved. Been reading books and I love to swim,workout,eat and sleep throughout the day. This is basically what happens everyday. Nothing out of the blue.

What shows have you been watching or reading?Can you recommend any to the fans?

Yeah,I’ve been reading a lot of books actually. The latest I read was Sapiens-A history of Mankind. Its a wonderful book which I would surely recommend. Then there’s Ramchandra by Amish,which is impeccable.
When it comes to watching,I’ve finished watching Game of thrones recently,which was a treat to watch for obvious reasons. Then there is another gem which I absolutely love, Peaky Blinders.I would definitely recommend that.I found Vikings interesting as well.A must watch.

So you signed up for ‘Broken’ right before you finished ‘Asur’.How did you get the role?

Yeah so I actually happened to meet the producer and he started the narrative for ‘Broken’.And Gaurav Shukla’s brilliant narrative of the amazing script got me so excited that I told me I wanted that part. And he actually reminds me of great creators like Dan Brown. Its just amazing to be a part of his team.

You played the cute and innocent role of ‘Mushroom’ in ‘Broken’ in contrast to the sassy villain that you played in Asur. Was it different or difficult to portray such different characters simultaneously?

Yeah,I mean the two characters have absolutely nothing in common. But even though it looks really difficult,it really isn’t that difficult when you actually perform the role. For me,the practice before the actual shoot is the most important thing because it’s challenging which in turn makes it interesting and special to me.I have fun. And that’s what matters.

You started your career as a model. How did you part ways with that stream and end up into acting?

Actually I always wanted to be an actor. But I’ve seen people starting off with modelling and then successfully getting into acting and that works out fine for them. So I thought why not? And I guess it worked out well for me.

Are you like ‘Mushroom’ in real life too?You must be getting a lot of female attention?

This is a really different question actually. Im really shy in real life and sometimes people think I’m rude. But NO! I’m just shy.
And yeah! I guess some of my qualities match with those of ‘Mushroom’.Im just glad people have loved and appreciated that character than I could’ve imagined. Thank you.

You’ve worked in Raaz-Reboot before. So,was it before your web series debut or after?What do you prefer – Web series or a movie?

Yes I have worked in Raaz-Reboot but that was way before I made a debut in a web series.
I firmly believe that nowdays,a good content is what makes a project successful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a film or a web series. The most beautiful thing is that the viewers have so many options to choose from due to the vast availability of online streaming platforms.
Even Asur was shot like a film,and I believe it’s content and the wonderful team is what made it a big hit.

Where are you from?And how was the experience from your shoot at Kutch, Gujarat?

I’m actually from Mungaoli,a small town in Madhya Pradesh.
The experience was marvellous actually. The territories are absolutely untouched and we got to experience nature at its best. India is indeed full of breathtaking locations and I was lucky enough to be a part of that journey .

We heard that you are a really good ballroom dancer. Is it true?

Yeah,I mean I’m not that good. But I guess I do a good job. Im just tuned with the basics. That’s all.

What is the first thing you’re gonna do after the lockdown ends?

Actually,I would love to resume my work.I’ll just go back to Mumbai and begin shooting and working non stop.

Can you name some artists you wanna work with or you admire?Also what type of a role are you waiting to play?

I have a lot of respect for Anurag Kashyap.I hope I get to play a part in one of his fine works someday.I would also love to work with Zoya Akhtar. In the case of actors,I just love Ranbir Kapoor.

I would love to play a negative role in a gangster drama. Anti hero stuff, something like that.I would try something in the comedy genre as well. Its really difficult but I would love to experiment.

You played Kesar in ‘Asur’.Did you expect such a great reaction from the audience?

Actually when I first read the script,it struck me. It was so brilliantly written. And it’s very rare to see such work. On paper it was brilliant. But that also posed as a challenge for us. We had to act brilliantly and make sure that it looked great on the big screens as well. So we tried our best and I guess we did a nice job.

Who’s your favourite co-star till now?

I really admire a lot of my friends. But I absolutely loved working with Arshad Warsi. He is so brilliant in whatever he does after the director says ‘ACTION!’.He’s fun and we also got to learn a lot from him.

Can you give us a glimpse of your future projects?How do they look like?

We almost finished shooting for an upcoming movie. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to give you futher details of the project. But you will soon see me on big screens after the lockdown ends. Stay tuned!


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