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Gulabo Sitabo Cover Image

NAME- Gulabo Sitabo

PLATFORM- Amazon Prime

CAST-  Amitabh Bachchan, Ayushmann Khurrana, Vijay Raaz, Srishti Shrivastava.

DIRECTOR- Shoojit Sircar

RELEASE DATE- 12 June 2020

Gulabo Sitabo is the first Bollywood that is premiered on the OTT Platform before cinemas. Naturally, it created a lot of buzz around the movie. Gulabo Sitabo is an interesting story set at Lucknow. It revolves around the owner of a mansion and a tenant who has been living for many years and who will not vacate it anyhow.

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The film portrays the human tendency towards excessive greed and loss of everything. This well-crafted satire is entertaining and funny. It’s element of wickedness and dark humor shines the most. This is a story about people looking to find their profit in whatever chance they get. But they end up losing because of their greed. Fights on the property are not a new concept but showing it in this way is definitely refreshing. While the plot is good and the direction is even better, it takes time to build the story in the first hour. The story is slow. In the second hour, the many sub-plots binds together for an epic climax. This movie reminds us that in this fast-moving world, human values and relations are neglected.

Ayushman in Gulabo Sitabo

A comic relief film by Shoojit Sircar is funny and dialogue delivery is on point. Cast acted beautifully and not only by leading actors but also by Vijay Raaz and Brijendra Kala. Shoojit Sircar challenges the viewer to wait patiently, and you need to watch entier film to know what truly happened. Even though the film is slow-paced it’s not boring. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as Mirza Sheikh outshined everyone else. You might hate his character but you will love his performance. On the other hand, Ayushmann is flawless. However, he didn’t give many lower-middle-class vibes. Their appearance on the screen gives the movie another layer.

The film gives you a big message through its hilarious narration. The movie’s major drawback is its slow pace. However, it’s spectacular performances and climax makes it a must-watch.


Acting, concept, and cinematography


Slow pace, week humor in some scenes



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