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harmony with a.r. rahmanRelease date – 14th August 2018

Number of Episodes – 5

Cast and Crew
AR Rahman

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Amazon Prime
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About the Series

“Music should not be limited to one community or one country. I think it should be accessible to everyone,” says A R Rahman in the trailer of Harmony with AR Rahman, also an upcoming Amazon Prime series. However, hosted by the Oscar-winning music composer, the series will highlight lesser-known music traditions from across the country and will trace their roots.


Harmony with AR Rahman’ is a simultaneously curated exploration of the past and future of Indian music through the eyes of A.R. Rahman. Likewise, India’s rich musical heritage viewed through the prism of four specially curated instruments and vocal traditions, selected in order to represent the geographic and historic diversity of the country. The series will examine the traditions, the musicians and the locations.


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