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YouTube is used by everyone, from kids to adults. Every latest news, series , movies trailer and gossip is present there. It’s our one stop for literally everything and YouTube content creators makes sure of that.  But sometimes we forget to make full use of this opportunity by not exploring the channels that can actually teach us something. YouTube has everything from feel good videos to educational videos to videos that can help us improve our skills and they are free of cost. Here’s the list of channels you should check out on YouTube.

1. Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell

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They make science look beautiful and easy. With their own humorous and easy way this small group of people talk about science, technology and psychological subjects.This YouTube channel focuses on minimalist animated educational content, using the flat design style.


2. Every Frame A Painting

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Every Frame a Painting is a series of 28 video essays about film form, film editing, and cinematography created by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou . Even though the channel is officially dead now, it’s videos still teaches a lot and is basically a crash course in this field.

3. Nerd Writer

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Evan Puschak is an American video essayist and journalist and creator of the YouTube channel The Nerd Writer. Nerd writer is a weekly YouTube series that puts ideas to work in their 5-10 minutes video essays.  Leaving the old style of essays far behind Nerd writer offers us a  creative display of essays  covering almost everything.

4. Numberphile

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Numberphile is an educational YouTube channel featuring videos that explore topics from a variety of fields of mathematics. They give detailed explanation on mathematical topics that even layman can understand. If you have even tine bit of interest in mathematics, they will keep you hooked till the last.

5. Vsauce

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The channels feature videos on scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics, as well as gaming, technology, popular culture, and other general interest subjects.This is one of the most successful channel with 14 million subscribers and 1.63 billion views and is growing with each passing day.

6. TED Talk

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This is our one way stop for all inspirational stories told by  successful people themselves. This channel helps you to understand what mistakes to not commit and what chances you should take to fulfill your dreams.  If you ever need motivation and advice, you should definitely check this channel out.

7. Sci Show

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SciShow Kids explores all those curious topics that make us ask “why?” . Whether it’s earthquakes in Italy, meteors in Russia,or why we smile, they give us explanation of everything . Their fun explanations will keep you entertained and teach you many things you didn’t knew about.

8. Sexplanation

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Sexplanations is a channel devoted to inspiring curiosity. It is a sex-edutainment for the universe hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe. This channel  features the most  comprehensible and educational sex health matters that no one really talked with us about. Moreover, you can see content delivered in a very professional and fashionable way.

9.Mental Floss

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For every curious soul out there, this is your topmost destination to test your knowledge. This channel features many interesting quizzes and trivia to test your knowledge and skills. Every Wednesday there is a new video with even better and fun quiz.

10. Yoga With Adriene

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Yoga with Adriene is an online community of over 7 million subscribers and connects many people through high quality free  yoga videos.Yoga helps you to stay healthy, positive and motivated.

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