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Name: Jamtara: Sabka Number Aayega

Released on: 10 January 2020

Written By: Trishant Srivastava

Created By: Nishank Verma

Directed By: Soumendra Padhi

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Set against a tinted backdrop of the nondescript part of East India, the story is inspired by true events. Jamtara, a remote district on Jharkhand’s border made headlines in 2015 due to its vast phishing racket. This unconventional script guided Netflix India’s path of escape after the dull Ghost Stories.

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Netflix India’s Jamtara revolves around a bunch of juvenile scammers and their noxious ways of money-laundering, trafficking and phishing. These local boys trick people from different parts of the country through fraudulent calls and messages, force them to share confidential details of their financial accounts and con them of their money.

The masterminds running this racket are brothers Sunny (Sparsh Srivastava)and Rocky Mandal (Anshuman Pushkar). Sunny is a young lad of 17. He gets hold of the contacts the gang preys on. On the other hand, his older brother Rocky is an illiterate and incompetent, He is a womanizer vying to be a politician.

The boys make female voices to entice men over phone calls. They bribing those men either of a Maruti Car or a sudden lottery of 50 lakhs. The people are gullible enough to succumb to the rattrap every time. The corrupt politician of the town, Brajesh Bhan (Amit Sial), traces out the activities of the boys and invites them over. He cracks a deal of protecting the boys from the judiciary in return of ransom. The boys, except Sunny, agree on Bhan’s proposal. This infuriates Rocky and a rivalry begins between the siblings.

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Sunny has his heart set on Gudiya (Monika Panwar), an ambitious girl older than him. Impressed with Sunny’s proposal of financial assistance, she marries him. She acts as a backbone to Sunny in extending his business of profiteering. She fools the students of her coaching center about BPO outsourcing and rather trains them to commit fraud over phone calls.

Things take a turn when a young and virtuous police officer gets posted to Jamtara. Falling on the lines of Ayushmann Khurrana’s character from Article 15, SP Dolly Sahu (Aksha Pardasany) is here to erase the filth of the town. She vows to stop the exploitation of the juveniles of Jamtara. Her co-workers despise her. However, the cybercrime officer of the district assists her.

A sharp turn of events shows Sunny and Bhan finally having an encounter. The latter’s intentions are, however, far from noble. Furthermore, Bhan’s evil intentions make the brothers pit against each other and ultimately make Sunny a victim of ill-fate. At this time, Gudiya seeks to avenge Sunny’s predicament and her brother’s death. She joins hands with Dolly aiming Bhan’s end. The two set a honeytrap with the aspiration of capturing Bhan and his wretched ideals. However, on the process of Gudiya rescuing Sunny, the latter meets with a fatal accident.

Padhi crafts excellence in this season of ten episodes. The leading men deliver spellbound performances. Their gang of conmen partners them well. The events are metaphorically related to the chapters of Mahabharata by the intoxicated Baccha and Munna (Harshit Gupta and Rohit KP).Besides adding comic relief to the story, the duo hint on the upcoming tragedy and look promising. Similarly, Anas, a young journalist tossing between friendship and aspirations, is well portrayed.

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What caught the maximum attention of the viewers are the gallant female protagonists. Both Panwar and Pardashany’s characters are not the typically naive heroines. They demand audacity and essay perfection. Both are fearless and can push themselves to extremes to fulfill their motive.

Therefore, exceptional screenplay, incredible direction, and outstanding casting make Jamtara a winner in our eyes.

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