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Javed Jaffrey is a well-known actor and voice artist. He has once again shown off his commendable voice-over skills in the trailer of MX Player’s Only for Singles. The trailer of the series will go live on 21 June. And the episodes will hit the MXPlayer on 28th June.

Javed Jaffrey dubs the trailer of MXPlayer's Only For Singles

Source: IMDb.com

Javed Jaffrey’s views on the MX Player’s series

Javed Jaffrey dubs the MXPlayer's Only for Singles trailer

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Javed Jaffrey has himself led his life being a bachelor. He has established and made a mark in the film industry on his own. Thus, he was the perfect fit for dubbing and giving voice in the trailer. He can emotionally connect and express the feelings of being single.

Javed said, “When I first saw the trailer of ‘Only For Singles’, the only thought in my head was that we live in ever-evolving times but the problems for singles remain the same. Whether it was living as a bachelor 15 years ago or today – jugaad se hi kaam chalta tha aur kahaani abh bhi wahi hai, sirf jugaad naya hai. ‘Only For Singles’, but double the chaos – stay tuned!”.

Story Line

Only For Singles' web series trailer

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The story revolves around six single individual and their friendship, struggles and jugaads in a new city. It is a downtown drama which gives the essence of leading life as a single.

The cast of the series

Pooja Banerjee, Vivaan Shah, Aman Uppal, Deepti Sati, Shirin Sewani and Gulshan Nain will star in Only For Singles

Pooja Banerjee was the first choice for the series. The creators were firm on their decision to featuring Pooja as the lead. The series also stars Vivaan Shah, Aman Uppal, Deepti Sati, Shirin Sewani and Gulshan Nain along with Pooja.

Picture from the shoot

Aman Uppal shared this picture from the sets of Only from Singles while shooting.

Aman Uppal shared a picture from sets of Only for Singles web series

Source: Instagram.com

We’ll get more updates for you once the trailer is released. Till then keep watching this space!

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