(Last Updated On: 7 May, 2020)

Flames Season 2 is one among the best rom-com web series based on the teenage life of Indian teenagers and can be quite relatable to you. Additionally, the utilization of 90’s music as the background has worked as the icing on the cake. Flames Season 2 causes you to feel as if it’s set in this time once you still had to fight with parents to have a cellular phone and being in a constant bit with friends was a task.

It takes place at the very dawn of smartphones and elicits sweet and simple recollections of teenaged romance that become more relevant in times once couples seek validation of their love on social media. If you’re searching for a dose of nostalgia or wish to watch a high school drama series, Flames 2 is an excellent choice.

Here are a few life lessons you can take from the web series:



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