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Although Game of Thrones is over, the other rich streaming platforms are gearing up to bring the next Game of Thrones. However, we cannot be sure whether any other show would be as good as Game of Thrones or not. But we can still make a list of those who can prove to be the next GoT of the streaming platforms. These obviously include The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings.

1. His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials- Next Game of Thrones

The HBO’s series was previously adapted for a film which did not get much response from the audience. However, the story of Sir Phillip Pullman suits more like a TV series. Although this series might not be as erotic as Thrones, it has a lot more to keep the audience hooked. And the way the trailer of the series was unveiled just after Game of Thrones finale, shows that it can be a successor of the show.

2. The Witcher

The Witcher

The Witcher is one and the only GoT spin-off which is lead by a woman. And that’s why it is a must-watch in itself. It will also feature Man of Steel, Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia who is forced to travel a fantasy world with a princess who has a lot of secrets. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich will lead the show which is scheduled to release at the end of 2019 on Netflix.

3. Westworld

Westworld- Next GoT

Westworld is a sci-fi heir of Game of Thrones. We can guess this because as soon as the credits of GoT season finale ended, we caught a glimpse of trailer of Westworld Season 3. It seems like Westworld will get a completely new story in season 3 after criticism of the second season. Thus, it can be said to be closely following the steps of GoT. As GoT, too, gained fame and appraisal in its third season.

4. Lord of the Rings

Lord of The Rings

Here comes the much-awaited show, that you all must be finding here in the list. No doubt, Lord of the Rings, too, has that essence of becoming the next GoT. Amazon has spent $250 million on this project because Jeff Bezos asked the TV division to find the next Game of Thrones. Thus, we all can raise our expectations from the show.

5. The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia as next Game of Thrones

We can call The Chronicles of Narnia as “The family edition of GoT”. Netflix is expanding its project on C S Lewis books on a large scale. As these shows can serve families too. Thus, if we can find them family-friendly, we have a greater number of people watching the show. Therefore, it’s going to be huge!

6. The Wheel Of Time

The Wheel of Time

The Wheel Of Time will also be one of the choices for the next GoT. And if you are among those, who admire the traditional good vs evil stories. The Wheel of Time will describe the journey of a woman who travels with her five friends. One of them, she suspects to be a powerful incarnation who has the capability of either destroying or preserving anything.

7. Game of Thrones Prequel

Game of Thrones Prequel

However, HBO is already working on some series that can replace GoT. But they have also found the easiest way to replace it with Game of Thrones Prequel. It will focus on the events that took place a thousand years ago. It will show the formation of major houses and many other things. But, the core DNA that made the series popular will remain the same.

So, even if GoT is over, we have many other successors of the series coming up.

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