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After the movie Mission Mangal, on the flourishing Mangalyaan operation of the Indian space research Organisation (ISRO), Ekta Kapoor’s AltBalaji prepared to narrate a fictionalized tale of a similar event in its coming internet series MOM: Mission over Mars.




The web series based on Mangalyaan project launched by ISRO India. It became the first Asian country to reach Martian orbit. Thus also, the first nation within the world to try and do therefore in its maiden try. The web-series charts out the journey of M.O.M from beginning to execution.

Thus it is a moving story of the religion and determination of four lady-scientists who aid ISA (Indian space Agency) to beat hopeless technical and money challenges and time pressures to mount the flourishing mission over mars. They not only simply build the entire nation proud. However, additionally, place India prior to several different countries on the map. Similarly, within the process, they conquer their own inward imperfections, creating for an inspirational story.

About The Trailer


In the series, ISRO becomes its fictionalized version Indian Space Agency (ISA). The story revolves around four ladies scientists determined to create Mom a hit. Mona Singh plays Momita Ghosh, a formidable soul. She is so focused on her work that she from time to time forget to manage things at home. Sakshi Tanwar plays Nandini, a higher multi-tasker than Momita She checks on her son even once she’s not physically around him.

AltBalaji's web series on Mission Mars

What they share in common is their passion for their work. Nidhi Singh is somebody who believes in star divination whereas Palomi’s character believes within the science of social media. Despite facing numberless hurdles starting from time, budget, and different constraints, the women are flourishing in sending mom to Mangal.
Towards the end of the trailer, the character of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is additionally shown.


Sakshi Tanwar in AltBalaji's web series

The web series features a stellar cast together with Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh, and Palomi Ghosh along.

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